Delivered today!

Hi I received my order today, in the UK and so far I’m really happy and impressed.
I have managed to pair the remote control via Bluetooth but it seems like the okay button isn’t working, I need to investigate this further. I also updated the firmware and I wanted to ask is it safe to update Netflix? I read some posts a while back saying not to update it but not sure if that is still relevant to the latest firmware that is available today?

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When using the AirMote with the arrow pointer, the OK button is the Arrow button on the AirMote.

Do not update the Netflix app.


Mine arrived today got it all set up did the update my only problem is can’t down load any apps on aptoide

Are you using internet services provided by British Telecom (BT)? It seems their home routers block Aptoide somehow.
See this thread: Aptoide help - not able to download anything

Yeh I’m with BT & got fast internet

Thanks William

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Also delivered today
Set up was not so easy, image was initially completely pink / purplish

An update has helped but had to chose "cold " setting for colours - warm is still VERY pink, sharp a bit less but still too much red
Where does this come from ? How to rebalance colors best and have more vivid colors ?
Is my product damanaged ?

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HI @GLR, could you please follow these steps: How to improve internal video picture quality?

How to get rid of the pointer on the screen after you’ve entered the “arrow mode”?

Press any direction on the d-pad on the remote.

What backer number where you from UK

I was 5000 ish

Mine arrived today, so far a GREAT! experience.
I have two issues though:

  • It doesn’t stay on AC although the cable is connected (I need to plug it out/in every 10min)
  • I can’t listen from two Bluetooth 4 receivers at once (a couple of Shure SE215 with BT received v1)

Any ideas? Thanks!

I don’t quite understand what you mean by this. How can you tell it’s not on AC, what do you see that makes you think it doesn’t?

A known limitation due to BT 5 chip driver issues, the supplier is said to be working on it.

It’s unmistakable: the screen goes black for a moment, then it comes back dimmed and the Flash sign next to the battery is gone. So is the LED red light on the device.
Right now it has been working for a full hour, but before that it was 5-6 times per hour.

Cool, so if it’s fixable via software update it’s definitely a good thing :slight_smile:

Okay I see. Please check that the charger is plugged into the socket properly, as well as all cables to and from it. If it still persists or comes back again then try letting it run down a bit without charger power and try again after to see if it gets better or does the same

It is well plugged to a reliable outlet, but I will try your suggestions, thanks!

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It probably is, but with 23 years working in IT I’ve seen the smallest and mostly overlooked or dismissed causes be the actual culprits. Plus by just checking this you will have ruled these out already.

I go nut for a while, ok button is the arrow button itself once activated the pointer, keeping it pressed you can also scroll up down on contrary direction, move the remote up to scroll down and vice versa

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