Delivery to Korea. Philips Failure

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Its became already nonsense.
I receive mail 30 May 2020 that i have a tracking number in DHL.
Ever since whenever I go to DHL site to check for delivery status - its say, that is wrong non-existing number!

Its already been too long for just some mistakes in delivery.
We pay pretty big amount of money, not to receive this kind of treatment and all this bullshit.

2 times I send a mail to phillips - only automated reply with no any answer.

Please investigate and get me my package!


Exact same problem here. No reply. I followed all the steps and still no reply.
I am starting to believe we got scammed. They should at least offer a refund option if they are an honest company. We are in Korea for god sake. I receive packages regularly from other companies.

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Yes, its does looks like a scam.
I was very patient for the long time. Understanding Corona problem and so on.

But this going too far. Think that its time to go public and distribute the news around all social media about Philips scam behaviour.

It is out there. In the facebook page that they advertise the projector many people have written about the delay.
My issue is that they do not have a refund option. If you cannot fulfill the order give us the option to get our money back and shop somewhere else.

Dude did you get any reply? I have send so many emails I am done with this company!