Dent/Bump in the top-middle of the screen

Hello PPM-Fellows,

not a real problem but something I also want to understand finaly:

The picture on the top middle position is always approx 1 centimeter shorter. Like a single wave.

It doesnt make a difference if I project on a wall or my screen.

The PPM is 100% in the middle, calibrated, no 4-corner-correction, and digital zoom set down to 80% to be able to demonstrate it better.

Any ideas?

I fixed your photo using Office Lens, and I agree that the top of the image sags ever so slightly in the middle.

But are you sure it isn’t the screen you’re projecting on causing that?

(Office Lens looks interesting!)

Yes it is the same also when projecting to a wall, which you can see in the second picture

Other user, same observation:


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Yes you’re right. I noticed it too and it has always been that way in my unit as well. I just didn’t know how to describe it. @PhilipsEngineering any thoughts? Could that also be related to the 4-corner correction not working properly and seems elongated on the left??

That’s another issue discussed here: 4 Corner Adjustment - Linearity Distortion

Jan is talking about the deviation in the top middle of the projected image.