DHL lost my parcel - what to do?

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I’m a UK backer, my IndieGogo contributor ID is 13315

Unfortunately DHL managed to lose my parcel - the consignment reference is CR071936483DE. I have called them several times and they have made notes on their systems, so it should be recorded that this is the case.

I have emailed the support@picopix email address and heard nothing back at all. (EDIT: to confirm I emailed

I need the Picopix makers to raise a claim against DHL and re-send me a new package.

Given that I can’t get a reply from Picopix, can somebody please advise me what to do? It’s been a week since I emailed. My next steps will be to claim back the money from my bank, or take legal action.


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You used the wrong (old) e-mail address

The new e-mail is

As Davy said, please send an email to the new address, ie. Also, @IvoGrijt might be able to help you.

Sorry, I should have clarified - I did email the right address.

I did this 6 days ago, my support ticket reference is 23889 - but no reply.

Good. Unfortunately, the support has quite a backlog at the moment. Hopefully, they will help you soon.

I have the same problem - I am in Ireland and my parcel went to Italy

Have sent a request with the details to the same email address but haven’t heard back. Is there general guidance on what happens here? Refund/New shipment?? Been waiting since last year - incredibly frustrated that it’s gone wrong again

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Are you sure this isn’t just a case of a reused tracking code? There’s been quite a few of those cases in the recent batches. See #5 in the Tracking and Shipping FAQ.

Unfortunately your tracking label is a reused one like djupsjob indicated. Your actual package is expected to be delivered by the end of this week at the latest, see the updates from 20.06.2020 onwards on Private Customers

Wow! That would be a great outcome - DHL has replied to my query telling me that my parcel had been shipped & was gone

Thanks for the extra info!! Will keep my fingers crossed for this week (it’s my birthday next week!!!)


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I have the same problem, my tracking number is : CR071938833DE.

At the DHL web the only message that it appears since 8th of june is: Due to an address error, the shipment could not be processed/delivered. A new delivery attempt will take place.

Im so frustrated, picopix is not answering any of my emails, and DHL is telling me that I can not claim for the package


I have just received a message from DHL that my tracking number is duplicated from a packed sent in February.

Who I can contact to see what is the issue with my delivery?
My tracking number is: CR071931985DE

@IvoGrijt Do you know who could help with this issue?


Me! :raising_hand_man:t4:

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My shipment to delivery. I didn’t received my product and the tracking number shows if has been returned. I am in the home on that day. I dont understand this.
Any information about my delivery. Shipment to Germany?? Contribution #10752

Would you mind sharing your tracking code? You can send it by PM if you don’t want to share it publicly.


Here is the tracking details.
DHL – 00340434298892065263

Thank you.


Good afternoon, my contribution number is #15556. On May 18 I received an email that my order was shipped. Since June 2 the following information appears on the DHL website: “22:23 Local time | The international shipment has been processed in the export parcel center Speyer, Germany”. I have contacted DHL Spain to find out more and they have answered that there is a problem and that I will contact you. On June 10 I contacted you (Request 23439) and I still have no answer. Do you know in what situation my shipment is CR071938714DE and when can I receive it? Thank you very much.

Thanks @IvoGrijt.

Do you need any additional data ? which it will be the next step?

Thank you very much.

Have a great day.


Mine arrived Today!! Keep the faith!!!

Did you have the same problem? I’m worry because since the 8th of june it appears the same error…