Didn't get a backerkit survey


I backed the Picomax on Indiegogo on the 22 of April (contribution is 21529) with a shipment to UK. It seems that there is quite a large backlog of orders, and wanted to check where I am in rough relation to it.

It seems that the tracking is done via Backerkit. Unfortunately I never even receives a Backerkit survey. What’s the ETA for that?

My order was end of Feb and I have just got my Backerkit survey. I think Philips are running through the order list in batches.

Also use the email address on Indiegogo to get an update: BackerKit Pledge Manager for Philips PicoPix Max - 1080p Full HD Pico Projector

We are still halfway through the list, around 10k. You are at least two months away of getting it so they don’t need to send surveys yet

Right… got my survey yesterday \o/

What’s currently the typical time between survey and batch?

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Sadly it’s a waiting game now. Your delivery details will be handed over from Backerkit to Philips and they will then be add to their build list. With Indiegogo there was around 18 days before they handed the money over to Philips, so I would expect Backerkit to do the same. However Philips are only making around 1000 units a week and they have past 8000 out of 14000 orders. Philips are now doing the batch orders by country so you might get lucky and receive it sooner.

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