Different apps need different brightness/contrast (or gamma) settings

Different apps need different brightness/contrast settings, probably because they assume different gamma curves. Amazon Prime Video in particular displays video really dark on the PPM, but if you change the brightness and contrast settings so that video looks right in Amazon Prime Video, then the main UI looks blown out to white. This seems to be a gamma curve issue, not just brightness/contrast.

The ability to store settings per app sounds like a neat idea. Not sure how it would be implemented though, as I imagine the apps must support it…

I’m not talking about apps supporting it, I’m talking about the Android system detecting which app is in the foreground, and adjusting the settings to whatever they were last time the app was operating.

For this to work well on a per-app basis though, there would need to be an OSD (On Screen Display) for changing brightness, contrast, gamma, etc. – currently you have to switch back to home, then to Settings, to change these (which is a major pain, and loses the foreground app context, especially if the app doesn’t support a picture-in-picture overlay window).


Yeah, this is a bit of a pain point for me as well…you have to use trial and error to get a good image setting for an app, or even a title in an app. If brightness/contrast adjustment was available from airmote, it wouldn’t be as disruptive to viewing. Even if the projector didn’t store the settings for a given app, if you could adjust them as you were viewing the actual image that you’re correcting for, it would be much quicker and more exact.