Difficulty to repair Picopix - repair centre question

Hi there, my picopix suddenly got out of focus and it’s not possible to focus it anymore, I can hear it trying to focus but it doesn’t make any difference. Other than that it is working.

I have complained about it to reseller in Belgium but it never replied… so in the end the platform (Bol) refunded me the money.

So now I have malfunctioning picopix and not sure if it has warranty anmyore at this point. I have contacted philips and they were not able to refer me to a repair shop at all, just repeated that the distributor is responsible…

At the end of the day, I think it’s not a serious problem that can be fixed, it is a shame to throw the projector to the garbage. Any suggestions what to do? Maybe smbd from Philips sustainability could help ?

Many thanks! I live in Brussels, Belgium, so ideally it would be great to find a repair shop there :))

Many thanks!!!