Digital Zoom: minimum setting 80%

Bought the PicoPix max to replace my 2014 Picopix and when placing it on the exact same place as the old one the projector screen is a bit too big from the wall space so tried adjusting with the Digital Zoom.

It seems to have a limiter at 80% minimum --> is there a possibility to bypass this limit or would it affect the image quality (in my mind it should make the quality better as the projected screen is 25% smaller than currently)

All corrections (keystone, 4 corner and zoom) are digital so there are indeed lost pixels and reduced quality. To answer your question though, yes the zoom is limited to 80% only but you can combine it with 4 corner correction to go smaller. However, as much as possible, I would avoid these digital corrections and adjust the projector physically.

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Thank you for the insight, I would like to avoid corner stone adjustments but the digital zoom of 75% would only shrink the photo without harming the aspect ration, correct?

Yes, digital zoom will retain the aspect ratio. For 4 corner correction, you’ll have to do compute it yourself :sweat_smile: If you have a bordered screen then it would be fairly easy.

So currently the mininum zoom value is set to 80% --> @Philips_Support_P, are you able to lower the mininum value to for example 70% in the upcoming firmware updates?

Seems to me that limit is provided by the Android system and if Philips want go further than that then they need to implement zoom themselves from scratch.

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Ahaa I see, thank you for the clarification. Would be great to get that additional 5-10% in the zoom

Hi @Holzhausen no this is a hardware limit in the video chip!

Thanks for the info, makes sense. will try to check alternative solution then.

Is this the same issue with the PicoPix PPX3417W the position of my screen means when I use the projector the image is far to large for the screen. its is not possible to move the projector closer to the screen !