Disable charging of connected devices over USB-C (Video) port

This was mentioned elsewhere: How do I prevent the PPX from charging a device connected via USB-C (VIDEO)

But there has been no feedback.

As I mentioned in my post on the above thread, my primary concern is using my Nintendo Switch which is well known to not conform exactly to normal USB-C PD specifications.
This is why so many 3rd party docks etc. resulted in dead Switch consoles. I can’t find specs of the USB-C PD spec on the PPM, nor would I necessarily trust it (not due to Philips, but rather because I know the Switch can be picky) and don’t want the possibility of a dead Switch later down the line.

Secondly, as connected devices would often have their own PSU or battery, this seems counter intuitive anyway - if the port is labelled video only, it should be video only.

Yes, I can use HDMI as a workaround, but that requires me to carry an additional dock/adapter when I would like to run everything on battery only.