Display flickering on my PPM One

My PIcopix Max One has started to get a flickering image after just a few days of use. The image is very unpleasant to watch and makes you feel dizzy as the image keeps shaking up and down. It’s a very little shake/flicker but very annoying. Can someone please tell me why this is happening and how can I get the flickering to stop.


Which device and also which port (hdmi, type c) are you using? Do you receive similar problem when you use another device (a computer via hdmi or a mediaplayer via hdmi or a phone via type c, etc.)

Maybe it would be good if you record a simple video to show us this problem. You can upload it youtube and share the link with us.

Firstly, I own a Philips picopix max one. I was using HDMI input with fire tv 4K and had been using it continuously for 6 hours at normal mode. Used mostly on battery while plugging into wall socket when the battery was low. The flickering started after using it for 6hours.
So today, after two days of not using the ppm one, when I switched it on the flickering was gone.
So I don’t know what caused the flickering, maybe because the projector was being used for too long and the temperature went high or something. No idea what caused it.
But maybe I’ll test it for another continuous 6 hours or so on a weekend, if the flickering comes back I’ll make a video and share it on YouTube and post the link here.
Can overheating of the projector cause flickering ?
If anyone reading this has any clue, kindly enlighten me.

I’m using same model and I don’t have any flickering problem up to now. I mainly use together with Google Chromecast with Google TV. Have you ever tested it with another device other than Amazon Fire stick? Maybe after that flickering starts again, then unplug firestick and plug another hdmi device (like a computer) , maybe this problem comes from Amazon Firestick.

I did unplug the fire TV stick and the pressed the settings button on the remote to check if the settings menu was flickering and it was.
Anyhow, I’ll check again and update here.

So today I tested the ppm one for 6+ hours again and sadly the flickering started again.
I have uploaded the video to YouTube and the video is captured using Google Pixel 2 phone camera.
I want to mention that the flickering is much more visible to the naked eye than in the video as my phone’s camera was autocorrecting the image and therefore the flickering was not captured very well except towards the edges.
The link of the video is here :

It is really strange. The only assumption that I can find is overheating. Do you have a small usb fan (like I put a sample photo just below) to test and understand if it is a heat related problem? If you have, plug it to a powerbank and turn it to the picopix one. If the flickering stops, then it is clear for overheating. Then maybe philips moderators can support you about this problem.

I’ll try that. Thanks :+1:

Hi readers,
I noticed this strange noise coming from inside the Philips Picopix Max One everytime the image starts flickering.
Does anyone have any idea what this is. I’ve made a video and here’s the link.

Philips please respond and help me fix this issue.

I think it is a switching powersupply problem on the projector print. Think such small projectors are not made for long continue use so maybe an overheating problem with excessive current consumption ( gets the psu adapter really hot when the problem starting?) And as it gives excessive rf noise injecing into the dmd driver chip wich can cause the strange behaviour of the dmd chip. It is a mems so if there is excessive current, switching inductors can have generating more rf noise and disrupting the working of the dmd circuit…
Is the brightness the same as before the problem starts? Does the colour temperature change when it begins?

Muy buenas. Me pasa exactamente lo mismo. El proyector no tiene ni dos meses y solo lo uso un rato por las noches. Pues ayer empezó a parpadear un poco y hoy lo ha hecho bastante más. Además, he pegado la oreja al proyector y hace el mismo ruido que el de tu vídeo.
Qué solución le has dado???
Necesito ayuda yo también :cold_sweat:
Gracias de antemano.