DLNA functionality

Would someone know how DLNA works ? I have a synology NAS with movies in it on in my normal samsung tv, I can browse through titles, select one and it would play but I haven’t sern this kind of option on the PPX !
Any idea ?
Thanks, Marc

Try to search the Aptoide store for DNLA. I made a quick Google search on it and it returned some apps.

Thanks Nicky, I looked at the apps shown in the store but I did not get them to work. Then I looked at the “VLC Player” which is an app pre-installed in the PPX and there you can read files from a DLNA server and it works fine, t also manages the .srt subtitle files contained in the folders :sunglasses:


As an alternative, you can install DS video (from synology) or Kodi.

Have you tried the DS Video application? The one I found on Aptoide does not have a good vibe.

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Hello Hobbes,

The DS Video app from the Aptoide store does not work, the .APK has to be downloaded here and installed manually in the PPMax.


If you have apps that can stream video to a DLNA receiver, this is supported by PicoPix by default. Several apps in China (e.g. iqiyi) use this.

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Have not tried it yet, but this link seems to be much safer than anything else:

I installed the one from the store but indeed found it strange that the publisher is not Synology. Thanks for the tip to get the Android app straight from Synology!

I’ve installed it and opened it straight from the install progress screen, however there’s no launcher icon.
How do I add one, and also, how to rearrange the icons on the main screen?

It’s a known issue, a few apps don’t show up on the home screen. I’m investigating it. It’s fixed now, update will come soon.

Currently it’s not possible, it’s arrange alphabetically.

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This is the reason why I used the version mentioned in my earlier post and this one shows on the home screen after manual installation

Alphabetically based on package name I assume then?

The word “currently” does give hope though.

Based on app name but TV optimized apps are prioritized and some specific apps are put at the end.

Of course we plan to add usability features like customizing/favoriting apps and “new app” marker etc.!

Isn’t there any optimized and pre installed ”Philips” media player on the projector that supports playback of local files (USB stick and MicroSD cards) and network (smb/samba) shares?
Except from DLNA…

If not, Will we see any?

VLC and MX Player Pro should both work fine. There’s also a default video player apart from these 2.

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I have a funny behavior with VLC Media Player v3.2.3 (pre-installed) which I upgraded to 3.2.7, When browsing through local files (from my synology nas) I can see folders and files but I cannot scroll down the list,

I see nothing in the ui that allows for that, and remote contriol arrow buttons do not do anything !
Is anyone having this issue ?

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Hi @Mfayard

It’s the tablet version.
Therefore you have to :

  • click one time on the most upper right button in your remote in order to see the mouse pointer on the screen.
  • move the mouse arrow on the list of your files (not on its side, or it will not work)
  • Then click again on this button, maintain your press and move your hand toward ceiling.

It will “drag” your list up and therefore scroll it down :wink:.

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Great, thanks LLG, I will try that tonight :wink:

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@Mfayard you should go to VLC settings (top left hamburger menu), and under Advanced settings I think, there’s an option to change the UI to “TV mode” which makes navigation much easier.