Do we need language specific topics? Vote here, on a language!

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  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Other

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Excellent point! The forum interface has preferred language turned on, so everyone should get their preferred language already. But for posts written by users, I will check for any auto-translator plugin if possible. If none exist then we’ll make language-specific subforums. But I think it can cause duplication of discussed topics.

Traditional Chinese Thanks!

Please mention which other languages. Thanks :raised_hands:

Indeed @PhilipsEngineering. Best case scenario is the auto translate plugin. If sub-fóruns needed, duplication will happen but at least users will get answers and input. And the users than can bridge the languages can moderate the duplication somehow…

@PhilipsEngineering Or recommend users to access the forums using Google Chrome, which can automatically translate any webpage “on the fly”.


I can’t find the ‘No we do not need language specific topics; Please keep it simple and keep everything in (translated into) English’ option
(now about shipping info, I won’t ask you, I’m more interested in delivery :grinning:)