Dolby 5.1 sound system and 4 corners correction

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Question : is there a way to enjoy a dolby 5.1 Sound system on the ppm (with the bose lifestyle for exemple) and have a 4 corners correction or a digital zoom ?

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Hi mate… I suggest you use a Dolby 5.1 enabled box to connect to ppm via HDMI. At the box, output via Bluetooth or cable to a Dolby 5.1 speaker… Ppm works best as a portable light projection device.

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Im not sur i understand everything but if a do as you say i will be able to watch a movie directly from the ppm netflix application and have a dolby 5.1 sound ?

No, unfortunately you can’t get Dolby 5.1 sound output from the PPM. If you definitely want Dolby 5.1, you need to use an external video source, split the audio signal from the video and route the audio to an amplifier that can handle the signal. The downside of this is that you won’t have 4 corner correction nor digital zoom, which I understood you wanted.

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I bought this , attached to spare sockets at the back of my Amp using the cables provided. Paired the device with the PPM, set the Amp to the channel that corresponds to the sockets the cable is plugged into and the PPM sound comes through the Amp. No delay in speach sync - honestly wasnt sure what to expect but it’s amazing.

There are cheaper products that will do the same but I chose this as it can be turned off on the unit itself. Its tucked away behind my media unit, so no clear line of sight to PPM.

Yes… That is what I meant by ‘box’ here as in appleTV or a firestick/Android box

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Your answer didn’t help the question, does it?

And the link provided doesn’t answer that, so as of now it is still a no, because bluetooth connections just can’t do it.