Dolby and DTS encoding

Is it possible that we can get Dolby and DTS encoding??


Hi @Superman, surround sound decoding is not supported. The PicoPix Max only supports stereo sound via built-in speakers, Bluetooth or 3.5mm audio output.

Actually you can use VLC or similar software solutions, but there’s no easy way to output surround sound. If you can find a 5.1 channel USB sound card that’s supported under Android, you may be able to use that.

If you want a home theatre experience with surround sound, it’s better to plug in an external player like BluRay, Fire TV, Apple TV with your sound system, and use the PicoPix Max in place of a TV.


I fully agree with what @PhilipsEngineering is saying. Though I would like ppm to be self sufficient, I generally treat it to do what it did best : that is having a superb projection hardware engine with 1080p resolution and bright 850 lumens capability. I plugged my AppleTV via HDMI and enjoy both hardware visual and sound. If I use ppm outdoor for work, its portability and its airplay and built-in sound is more than enough.


On a whim at a friend’s place, I connected my JBL Charge3 BT speaker to the PPM, and when placed on the floor against the wall I’m projecting on, I honestly don’t even notice the missing audio imaging amidst the novelty of watching bigscreen Netflix with 2 items and no wires…
(at home I’m running 9.1 surround so I certainly appreciate the ask)


Im having this same issue. Connecting a chromecast ultra to the hdmi port = no audio, as the audio is sent via ac3. and no option to change it on the chromecast itself.

support for surround sound would be great!!!


Can you perhaps solve your problem by changing the audio output in the source to stereo? As far as I know, the Chromecast doesn’t actually encode anything, it just passes the audio stream through, so it should work.

What kind of support are you looking for, exactly? As far as sound output goes, the PPM has only a small internal speaker and stereo output via BT or the 3.5mm audio jack. There’s nothing in the mix that can actually play the decoded stream as it’s supposed to be played.

That depends on the casting app. In this case it was Plex. And Plex doesn’t have the ability to override the transcode. Because the device reports it’s supported

Would something like this help, if put between the Chromecast & the PPM?:

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I see. Well, if it’s not possible to change the source output, I guess the only option is to put something in between that can either downmix the surround stream to ordinary stereo or report only stereo support to Plex.

So what you really are asking for is that the PPM would downmix surround streams to stereo?

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Is installing Plex on the PPM an option?

Codec comparison to another android device

quick google finds

software based codec support


adding the mediacodec to support software decoding

I tried playing a film from iTunes via my phone to the projector via HDMI and was not able to get audio for the film (except sometimes for some strange static noise). This was for a small drive-in experience (in the time of social distancing). Later, it took a bit of research to figure out what the problem was (in addition to maybe an hour of trying to figure out what I was doing wrong in the moment). So, I too vote for some kind of mix down of surround sound to stereo sound or at least a message on screen that can call out the problem. Thank you.

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