Dongle for a better Ppm Experience?

Hello Everyone,

After a few month using my ppm daily I feel pretty annoyed by Software issues with some apps (Disney +/ prime video etc…) and general compatibility for a classic streaming/tv usage in France.

I’m starting to consider using a dongle or smart tv box. Have some of you got some experience to share ? Which one is the best choice for ppm ? Chromecast ? Firetv ? Mi tv stick ? Mi box ? Other ?

Thanks for your advice :blush:

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For me it has to be the new Google TV dongle. We use that for our 4K fixed projector and also for an older, but rather expensive Bang & Olufsen setup. It’s transformative, and apart from needing to use a seperate power source as it has quite a high powered draw, pretty neat and slick

Thank you for your answer, I’ve seen the new google tv dongle but isn’t it a little overpowered for the ppm ?
I mean : It’s made to handle 4k HDR dolby content where I will need only Full HD with classical 2.1 computer speakers

I’ve also got in mind some Hdmi limitations for the ppm, what limits can I find in such kind of use ? Is it only the loss of the 4 corner correction ?

I use the Roku streaming stick and it works a dream. The PPM also powers the stick when it’s plugged in the usb socket so it’s truly portable, also the roku has a Wi-fi extender built into the cable.

Another benefit is the roku app. You are able to send audio to Bluetooth (and headphones) for external speakers, I use this to play audio through a sonos move.

It’s a neat UI plus Apple TV available and most other apps I use (google, prime, Disney etc) out of the box and managed by roku.


Hi - this sounds interesting. I currently use a HDMI cable from my MacBook Pro with an USB-C-HDMI adaptor to play through the PPM via the HDMI port. It’s OK but the cable is a hassle and there are some limitations with the auto-adjust of the picture (even if the picture is high quality when I adjust the position of the PPM manually). What port does the Roku use? Presumably it doesn’t address the lack of auto-picture adjust since the image is being driven from the external port? Thanks

The roku uses HDMI and USB for power. Correct on the image correction, just autofocus and vertical keystone If I remember right.

In my opinion, it’s usually better to use a box or dongle even on TVs. SO that kind of applies to projectors too especially with PPM with less than ideal sofwtare :sweat_smile:

Ok, thank you, so the main sacrifice would be vertical keystone and autofocus non compatible with hdmi input, and it would result in a more stable / user friendly os ?

Yes keystone won’t work. Personally, I don’t like using them as much as possible anyway since it reduces the pixels and quality.Auto focus should still work though without the focus pattern overlay. In my experience, it still works fine, just trigger it with some small texts in the screen as basis of focus.

I use appletv through hdmi and I turn off keystone. The trick is to make sure the projector is aligned straight against the wall.

Best Android box on the market is the Nvidia shield TV.

Probably the most expensive but it is also the most robust. It is supported and made directly by Nvidia. I have two of them one is the original from 2015 and it still recievies updates and is better then most android tv options on the market today.

Have the 2nd gen one two and will buy the 3rd if any of the other two ever crap out.

Worth every penny, you can also output audio to Bluetooth so only really lose 4corner and keystone. I have not tried to see if the device supports keystone.

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I just read about the " Nokia Streaming Box 8000" → seems like an interesting option for any old TV:

  • Android TV
  • Full PlayStore
  • Chromecast
  • USB for Harddrive (I could not get my 2,5" drive to work an the PicoPix, mot enought power)
  • optical Audio-out

here is a review in german: Test Nokia Streaming Box 8000 Set Top Box – Sogar für analoge Fernseher - Tests

By the way, I want to clarify that vertical keystone does still work on external sources. It’s the 4 corner correction and zoom that won’t be working.

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