Dull colors, strange thing happening


I just got my video projector. :partying_face:

Pretty satisfied overall.

I just want to point out something weird about the colors.

They look dull. Not vibrant. Or colored!

I think the colors aren’t as they are supposed to be.

Can you confirm that?

The strange part is that if I record a video or take photo with my phone (iPhone X) I can see the right colors.

I mean, if I open the camera of my phone and watch the video through the screen of my phone, the colors are like they are supposed to be. Strange.

I attached a photo to show what I mean.

Does anybody else noticed this?

If you look at the screenshot with the cheetah there is a huge difference. What my eyes see on the wall is almost a grey image, not vivid at all or yellow (as the cheetah is supposed to be) :grimacing:

You are comparing 2 totally different types of displays.
Besides that, the display of an iPhone does not render the same colors, gama, saturation, luminosity, sharpness as a desktop display or TV set. Even less so in the case of a projector.

Did you try to configure the display settings? On what medium are you projecting? Wall, Paper, something else? (reflective properties of the element you are projecting onto are also influencing the image quality, physics sometimes sucks, but we can’t do anything about it)

I think something wrong with polarization filter.
A new one hardware bug, lol.


You do realize that the cheetahs in nature are yellow and not grey/blue?

Indeed and totally understand the difference between the 2 displays but I still don’t get how the cheetah look grey/blue instead of yellow.

I’m projecting on a white wall and I played with the image settings, yes. No big improvements so far.

Did you got the latest firmware update v .25 ??

It could be the reason. But I hope there is a software color correction coming to adjust it.

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Than that might be a problem with your unit. I still haven’t got mine but have seen a lot of pictures and none of them look so dull.

There will be colour correction settings in the next firmware update. They already announced it.

Let’s see if I can adjust them with the next firmware update.

If I take a photo of the wall the colors look good:

You are right there, sorry! my formulation was definitely exaggerated (I was writing in a hurry) and I apologize for that!

iPhone displays are not really to be considered as reference.
The way the colors are displayed in your case is definitely not right.
As far as I’ve seen on this forum, there should be a way to edit the rendering of the colors/luminosity/contrast/sharpness. Does that help?

Glad you realized the exaggerated way you talked. Apologies accepted.

Yes, I played with those settings but it didn’t help. I’m not an expert but I’m pretty sure there is something more to do to get them showing properly. In the next firmware update there is the color correction. That might resolve this color issue.

Just wondering if it’s my unit problem or anybody else is also noticing this.

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If you display a solid red and a solid green and a solid blue image would those display properly? It sounds really strange that everything would be desaturated…

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WOW, this interesting. It has to be something very odd. As far as I know lamp based, DLPs don’t have polarization filters (but LED based might?).
Can’t explain what you’re seeing but I am very curious to know the cause.

Photos will always look better especially if you view them in a small screen however, if you see the screen almost the same as from your photos, then something’s definitely wrong. Or maybe you are projecting on a 300" screen? :stuck_out_tongue:

Best would be a ColorChecker™ pattern, or SMPTE bars, or any test pattern that has SMPTE colors in it.

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With the usual disclaimer about evaluating colors in from a photo, even these photos seems to be severely undersaturated esp the reds, which is very different from what we have seen from other picos.