ETA for next Beta?

Hello Fellowers,

just wondering if there is a final ETA for the next Beta and what will be in the “Box”?



The next beta is blocked due to no solution for kodi yet and a crash in Bluetooth pairing in the easy setup app. Hope these are resolved soon this week. We have not even had an internal update last week.


Hi @Philips_Support_P is Firmware Version 1.1.0 on the horizon for the beta testers?

It’s really quiet around software updates these days… :frowning: I was hoping for a higher fw update rate…

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And again another sw update without beta test. From the announcement made it seems that 1.0.29 is going to be directly online (not now, just checked ota update)

1.0.29 announced, but OTA / Check do not download anything! Manual download possible?

Today it’s available!

But after download it fails installing!
Will try to removal of memory card and then do a Factory reset before the third try!

Just some feedback about upgrade!

If i have a Micro SD card in projector that is formatted and mounted to be part of the OS and apps installed! It fails to update!
Same problem as last time i Upgraded!

I had to move applications to built in memory
Re initialize memory card to be removable memory card and removed it!

And the upgrade runs thru!

Would be nice if you update the install script so that it’s possible to have an installed SD card in the projector! Should be simple to test.


There was no plan to release this update, but it went out as “1.0.29 is ready to go” Indiegogo announcement for some reason. I had provided a changelog earlier. Anyway since it was announced, I had to release it. Most of the testing will be focused on 1.1.0 and the launcher v1.4.0 over this week and next. You’ll be getting those betas for sure.

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Stange things happen …. At least it shows that there is room for improvement in terms of internal communication :joy: Changelog is rather short so I understand if you would normally skipped it.

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@Philips_Support_P Is there Anything on the following list we can expect to test in the near feature?

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no beta planned for around 1 week.

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My RMA and additionally PPX will be finaly delivered next monday.

Any chance that we will see new Firmware releases next week? Next week will be a huge one for a lot of Clients who will receive their goods :ok_hand:

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@Philips_Support_P any update om ETA?

will screeneo take summer breake from all devs?

Possibly this Friday according to this:


friday gone any status on this ?

beta 03 today?

So just a little longer wait.

are we there yet ?

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