Ethernet via USB C?

Hi - can the USB C ports be used for Ethernet via an adapter?

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You can use the USB-A port for this. The USB-C ports are for power and video only.


Hi @Philips_Support_P, any chance if this was tested where the USB to RJ45 would work when using USB HUB ?

Hi @Palak, I’ve not tested exactly this configuration, but both, a USB hub (+ devices connected to it), and USB-Ethernet adapters, work fine. So should their combination. It’s best if you use a powered hub though.

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I bought a passthrough powerline ethernet connection. I tried to use it but unfortunately the picopix max has no support. I used ethernet to USB-A port adaptor.

Tp-link AV600

Can please include this in the next update?

The PPM can’t support the TP-Link AV600, but fortunately it also doesn’t have to. The projector doesn’t care how your network is built as long as it has access to a working wifi signal or wired network access through a USB-Ethernet adapter. Have you tested the USB-Ethernet adapter with an ethernet connection that you’re 100% sure is working?

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Yes it works perfectly on my laptop.

Good, then you at least know that the adapter isn’t broken. Here’s a couple of other things that you can test to be able to pinpoint the problem.

  • make sure that the AV600 works by connecting the laptop through it, in the same spot where you plan to use the PPM
  • check whether the PPM supports the USB-ethernet adapter by using it connected directly to the router
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Hi @WMT, which model of the adapter do you have? Is it compatible with Android?

I used the Lenovo ThinkPad USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapter.

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I could not find any compatibility information except that it works on Windows:

  • Supported operating systems: Microsoft Windows 7 (32bit & 64bit), Windows 8 (32bit & 64bit), Windows 8.1 (32bit & 64bit), and Windows 10 (64-bit)

So maybe it doesn’t support Android. Can you try a class-compliant dongle with Android support?

Will “VirtualHere USB Server” - (download in Aptoide TV) will make this adaptor compatible with android?

I can confirm that a j5create USB 3 Ethernet adapter works

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I bought the same one a few months ago for the projector and my girlfriends laptop if it doesnt workout for the projector.

My smartphone is a Galaxy s9 and my phone does support ethernet connection with lenovo thinkpad 3.0 and in combination with otg type c adapter. I dont have to install any apps. And on my personal computer i also don’t need to install any driver.

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Update: Installing “VirtualHere USB Server” made the lenovo adaptor work for ethernet connection. Enjoy!


Thats awesome! I can’t wait for my projector.

Sorry, I have encountered some issue after I restarted the projector.

Hey everyone!

I’m currently looking for an ethernet adapter for the ppm - can anyone recommend one that’s working well with it? I already tried one that I borrowed from a friend that apparently does not support Android, it worked with the VirtualHere USB Server but just as long as you don’t reboot the ppm, I’d have to reinstall the app everytime after launch so that’s no solution for me.