EU power supply blows up

Hi Philips,

The metallic part of the 2 prongs of my PicoPix Max EU power supply are a tiny bit bigger in diameter than their plastic parts, resulting in sometimes being a little difficult to unplug. It’s usually fine, but today, as I tried to unplug it from the wall socket, the EU-to-US adaptor part of the power supply broke in two, exposing the mains 220 voltage, and the phase + neutral touched, resulting in a massive spark and small bang, soldering them together, and obviously tripping the outlet circuit breaker. The result is not pretty.

May I suggest you fix the design of this power supply or change suppliers if you haven’t done so already, and ship me a replacement power supply please?




@tholome we are sorry for the situation happened! Please send us an email to with your contact details so we can send you a replacement