External storage write permission

Seems that usb or SD card doesn’t have write permission.
Aside from other issues this may generate my main problem is that VLC or mxplayer can’t download subtitles to the external storage.
I’m Spanish but live in Italy and usually watch content in any combination of EN/ES/ITA audio/subtitles.
VLC works well regarding decoding, but fails to download subtitles as it can’t write to the external media.
Before the PPM I was streaming any content from my phone to my computer Kodi dlna, and downloading subtitles on the go.
I haven’t find yet a solution so versatile using only PPM Android system, so I have to still use my old pc connected to the HDMI input.
Write permission might fix this issue partially, seen that Kodi won’t work properly in the near future.
Is there any way to enable write permissions to the external media?
Overall I’m satisfied with the image quality, but still find that internal media decoding is quality wise far away from external video sources.

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I’ve noticed this too. It seems that only the built-in file manager has write access to the SD card which probably just has system access unlike 3rd party file managers. I think this is crucial and should be fixed. What do you think @Philips_Support_P?

Noted, I will check this with the team.

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I believe the Nvidia Shield has this issue early in as well:


It was causing issues Plex etc but they managed to sort it out.

I’m a big fan of Xplore File Manger on android systems, it would be great if it had full read/write access. It has an excellent implementation of a wifi file server and also integration with online storage like google drive/Dropbox etc.



Do you know if it has been fixed? Is it why I cannot see the download subtitle button in VLC?
Or do you see it but it fails to save?

Just received my PPM and I absolutely love it!
I just don’t really like sideloading with USB/MicroSD because I would rather use the built in Browser to download files.
In some post I read that it would be possible downloading files with Firefox.
For some reason everytime I press a download link the links shows up in the bottom left corner but besides that nothing happens…
No download dialog or notification and also nothing in my local Downloads folder.
The Firefox app does not have any permissions I could grant it (I looked in the ‘hidden preferences menu’).
Unfortunetly Puffin Browser also tells me that it cannot download anything.

Any help appreciated.
Thank you in advance!

I don’t think my problem relates to external storage permission issues because I don’t have an external storage connected to the PPM. Also downloading apps with aptoide works fine (so in general writing to the internal storage seems to work as well).
I just don’t understand why firefox is not able to access the local storage and save files to the Androids local Download folder.

I moved your request here, as I think it’s the same issue for all file access by apps, not just external storage.

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Try Novaplayer it can search online for subtitles or you can download your own subtitle files and Novaplayer can add it on too

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Any update on this bug?

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Hi! Has this issue been resolved or at least looked into? I’m having this issue since 4 years on my both Philips android tvs. This is so annoying!

Any news? The issue still occurs. I notified philips support PL (i’m from poland), they didn’t even know such problem existed. After some time (and many, many standard messages frrom their side), i got an answer Philips TVs don’t have this functionality. PEROID. Strange, beceause they had it in the past, and other android tvs have it as well.