Extra device same price (“One for the Road”) offer

For how long will this stand?


Will there be also cost for Tax or customs?

I think this is again not clearly communicated. Also the shipping cost are not clear to me. The mail says “ppm 439 euro + shipping”. The Indiegogo page says “ppm + shipping 439 euro” I even heard from a friend that the shipping costs were charged or not depending on the platform the ordering was placed. IPad or IPhone.


Also this can’t be considered a crowdfund any more right? and it’s not going through indiedgogo ? or is it?
Yes it would be good to get some official clarification

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@PhilipsNono, @PhilipsIvo
I would be also interested in buying another one. I would like just to know how this think works(what happen after I fill in the google form), how much I would pay it (I paid 519€+29€shipping+119€taxes), shipping timings, so on. Sorry for all these questions but this thing is not so clear :slight_smile:


It seems like a scam is this legit? Confirmation from a philips person would be good

How exactly does this look like a scam? Can you explain?

The forms come from a .gle domain which anyone can use… can’t find anything on this forum about it from an official poster

There were at least 2 such actions announced and talked about on this forum till now.
One of them was first announced through a Indigogo newsletter sent by Screeneo, the second one was announced by Screeneo stuff directly here on this forum.

The one announced in the Indigogo newsletter was directing you to a form, regardless where it was hosted, asking for absolutely no payment details, but rather details that would help the Screeneo stuff identify that you already backed-up this project.
The payment details, the transaction itself, would take place on PPM’s Indigogo page directly.

Considering the title of the post (Extra device same price - One for the Road ), I take it we’re talking about the offer from the Indigogo newsletter.

Could you please elaborate, how exactly is this a scam?

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This isn’t scam. I bought another one, it appeared on backerkit and yes I had to pay a weird sum for taxes (not calculatable with prior or actual tax rate at all) but overall a great price. I love my picomax and so it was worth to buy a spare one.


Same here!
Good that you mentioned the Backerkit part, because I was not checking it, I was just waiting for an e-mail from them :rofl:
Just finished the checkout process there on Backerkit now.

So how much did you guys pay plus shipping excluding local taxes?

I did the same !
I could have wait for long!
Now I just hope a fast shipment :package:

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As far as I know, the offer is based on your initial contribution. So prices might vary from one person to another.

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Yes that’s true and I paid 399 euro with free shipping but on the update it said
“we offer you the same price you’ve paid for your first projector! (except for the 399euros and 419 price points which will be at 439euros + shipping).”
So I just wanted to see what the lowest price point will be, my guess is it won’t be lower than 439 euro plus shipping then according to that.

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In my case it was

Subtotal €439
Shipping  €29
Total €468
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plus tax again

was the tax lower or higher?

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A bit higher, as price is higher than €399. But it’s the same rate.

Does anybody know anything about when devices ordered under this offer will be shipped? And if they are shipped from China or from a warehouse closer to the destination?

They will be shipped once we’re done shipping the regular campaign orders, and will be shipped from China most likely.