Extra device same price (“One for the Road”) offer

For how long will this stand?


Will there be also cost for Tax or customs?

I think this is again not clearly communicated. Also the shipping cost are not clear to me. The mail says “ppm 439 euro + shipping”. The Indiegogo page says “ppm + shipping 439 euro” I even heard from a friend that the shipping costs were charged or not depending on the platform the ordering was placed. IPad or IPhone.


Also this can’t be considered a crowdfund any more right? and it’s not going through indiedgogo ? or is it?
Yes it would be good to get some official clarification

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@PhilipsNono, @IvoG
I would be also interested in buying another one. I would like just to know how this think works(what happen after I fill in the google form), how much I would pay it (I paid 519€+29€shipping+119€taxes), shipping timings, so on. Sorry for all these questions but this thing is not so clear :slight_smile:


It seems like a scam is this legit? Confirmation from a philips person would be good

How exactly does this look like a scam? Can you explain?

The forms come from a .gle domain which anyone can use… can’t find anything on this forum about it from an official poster

There were at least 2 such actions announced and talked about on this forum till now.
One of them was first announced through a Indigogo newsletter sent by Screeneo, the second one was announced by Screeneo stuff directly here on this forum.

The one announced in the Indigogo newsletter was directing you to a form, regardless where it was hosted, asking for absolutely no payment details, but rather details that would help the Screeneo stuff identify that you already backed-up this project.
The payment details, the transaction itself, would take place on PPM’s Indigogo page directly.

Considering the title of the post (Extra device same price - One for the Road ), I take it we’re talking about the offer from the Indigogo newsletter.

Could you please elaborate, how exactly is this a scam?

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This isn’t scam. I bought another one, it appeared on backerkit and yes I had to pay a weird sum for taxes (not calculatable with prior or actual tax rate at all) but overall a great price. I love my picomax and so it was worth to buy a spare one.


Same here!
Good that you mentioned the Backerkit part, because I was not checking it, I was just waiting for an e-mail from them :rofl:
Just finished the checkout process there on Backerkit now.

So how much did you guys pay plus shipping excluding local taxes?

I did the same !
I could have wait for long!
Now I just hope a fast shipment :package: