Extremely loud fan & sudden shut downs

Hi, I got the Neopix Ultra 2+ I had no issues until a short while ago. When I turn it on the fan is extremely loud. In the beginning it was only a few second but now it takes up to a minute until it gets ‘quite’ again. (It’s a really grindy noise as well like something is stuck).

The second problem is that the projector shuts down after around 2 hours, I turned automatic sleep mode off and the air coming out is warm, not hot. How can I fix it?

Hello Daan,
We are sorry to hear that.
1: if you have the proof of purchase, I think the best way is to exchange it with your retailer
2: after 2h: it may be related to the Fan not being able to clear the hot air outside of the projector.

Actually sich small projectors are not meant to for continue use. And indeed sometimes it gets too hot that the fan is try to cool but it stays too hot. Then it shuts down as a matter of protection