Facebook oculus quest cast

Hi, anybody tried to cast from quest? I am getting error, tried casting to other devices without problems, would appreciate some help here


I don’t own one nor have any knowledge of these, but have a few tips to help you:

  1. What have you tried to do exactly, please outline the steps you took
  2. What error message(s) are you getting exactly, and on what?
  3. I think you’re trying to cast from the Quest to the PPM, have you succeeded in casting from other devices to the PPM? Or from the Quest to another device that’s not the PPM?


1-2-3. It is a simple procedure, just opened the oculus app and tried to cast, it casts to TV, or google nest devices without problems, but when selected PPM, it shows unexpected casting error appeared.

Okay, so the problem is specifically when connecting to the PPM. Perhaps it uses something that relies on the GMS?

I think before casting you need to link the Quest, I installed the oculus app but to link the Quest it ask for a gps position access, that I’m unable to grant as is not offered in the option, but I haven’t tried in the new firmware…