Fan + ac adaptor

I got around to fixing the projector to the ceiling, I’d been using it on a stand on battery power previously and with the new update the fan was pretty much silent.

Since I fitted it to the ceiling, the AC adaptor is plugged in all the time and this seems to be causing the fans to produce a lot more noise, I may expect this if it were charging the battery at the same time, but it’s full.

Any thoughts on this?

Is it really the fan that you’re hearing, or rather a buzzing noise? Does the noise go away when you plug anything into the headphone jack?

I actually noticed the same, and wondered if this was expected.
Adaptative fan speed coming with last updates does not seem to apply (or at least seems less effective) when the PPM is plugged in, even with a fully charged battery.
I wonder if this could be linked to the 4th LED used when plugged in which might bring more heat to the optical engine?
In all cases I wish I could have the same fan noise level, whether on battery or plugged in.


Yes. It’s definitely the fans, they’re very loud.

Ahh, I didn’t know about the extra light. At least I know I’m not going mad now!

But yes, there should be an option for the same behaviour on AC or battery. Honestly, the brightness on battery was fine, I don’t need the extra LED, but I do want the same level of noise!

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i also noticed the difference in fan noise during plugged in and also guess its due to the 4th lamp.
i wonder if thats the way it should be or if its a bug :smiley:

I too would like the fan to be adaptive when in A/C only mode. Especially if some of us disconnect the battery to save it from wearing out.


Try Ecomode, does the fan slow down?

Interesting …How can you disconnect the battery?