Fan noise when plugged in to power

Got a PPM the last few days and been trying it out. I notice when I run on battery the fan is quiet particularly when run on Eco mode, yet if it is run while plugged in the fan noise is unbearable it run so loud. I read somewhere this is due to an extra lamp or something to that effect when plugged in.

Is there anyway to emulate the battery mode even if plugged in?

Mine is dead quiet in eco mode while plugged in. It gets a little louder in normal mode.

When plugged in there is no noticeable change on the fan between the 3 modes, the fan only changes when switching modes on battery

Have you updated the firmware? I think there were changes to the fan behavior in one of the updates. If I am not mistaken, fan speed is now dynamic unlike before where it’s set per mode.

Yeah I’m on the latest firmware.

Just been watching on it on battery absolutely fine no fan noise as soon as I plug in power the fan starts up whirring away.

Wish there was a way to run in battery mode while charging.