Feature-suggestions for the future: hard-/software

here are my feature-suggestions on a hardware- and software-basis:

  1. HDMI-usb-c 4cc/keystone-correction
  2. HDMI 2.1 with ARC-/HDCP 2.2-support
  3. Bluetooth-audio working when using hdmi/usb-c
  4. Bluetooth Low Latency/aptx HD support
  5. Optical out
  6. Better speakers. Or no speakers at all, instead a more silent cooling.
  7. Lens cover
  8. Better autofocus-mechanism (glue?!? Seriously?!?)
  9. SIM-slot

No microstutters


  1. Battery-warning: right now when the power’s gone its shutting down all of a sudden without any notification. Surprising and a bit lame.
  2. Audio-delay-setup-function to adjust/minimize the difference between image and sound.
  3. Google Playstore: Aptoide sucks ,so many at least important german apps are missing (like ZDF Mediathek)
  4. Netflix-app: pressing the remote-button doesn’t do anything to pause or change the language, only possible with this fizzly pointer. Not conveniant.
  5. tbd.