Files and Folders Limits

Hello all,

Is there a limit on the number of files in a sub-folder; or the number of sub-folders within a folder?

I have a USB harddisk formatted with exFAT. Have been copying files and folders from my Windows 10 PC into the disk under another top-level folder. For example, the top-level folder is “Main”. And it has 511 sub-folders. Each sub-folder has 1 or 2 files.

When I view the USB harddisk in PPMax using a file management app called X-plore, I discovered that many of those folders that I copied into it over the weekend would appear as empty folders. Connecting the USB disk back on my Windows 10 PC, the files are there. Just that on the PPMax, the files do not show up at all.

I sorted the folders by latest date and found that the 481st folder is the last folder with files still visible on the PPMax. The total number of files in these 481 folders amounted to 999 files.

Using my Windows 10 PC, I created another top-level folder (eg. Main2) on this USB disk and moved the 482nd to 511st folders into this new Main2 folder. However, back on the PPMax, the Main2 folder appears empty. Even the sub-folder names do not show up.

My PPMax is running latest v1.1.02 firmware. The USB harddisk is a Seagate 4TB Backup Plus Portable.

Any ideas on why this is happening is appreciated.


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I realize this is almost a year later…

Yes, I have just found the same problem. An external hard drive with several video files in nested subfolders, and while it sees all the subfolders, it stops seeing files in them after a certain amount.

Have you or anyone else found a fix?

Thank you @sandman1330 for confirming the issue. Glad that I am not imagining things. And no, there have been no fixes yet.