Final MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price)?

Are there any news about the “real / final” MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) for the PicoPix Max?

More and more backers who already received their PPX will probably get that Question from Friends & Co.

To be honest:

Everytime I responded with the previously on Indiegogo mentioned 899€ plus VAT, I have heard that this is way to much…

P.S. What is by the way THE competitor product to a PPX? Without the Battery I now for example the Viewsonic M2 for 669€ incl. VAT (But AFAIK the M2 cant Play Netflix in FullHD because AFAIK it doesnt have a Widevine L1 DRM certification from Google(!)

I would expect the Nebula Capsule Max to be a competitor if you want a mobile projector with battery.

It’s currently 500 EUR on, but compared to the PPM it only has 720p resolution and only 200 ANSI Lumen, so definitely more than that.

On the PPM is listed at 840 EUR in VAT.

I would not have bought it at that price but I would also not have bought the Capsule Max for 500.

Any other competitor products you know of?


It was stated many many times by Philips / Screeneo at the Indiegogo, the retail price is 899€ + VAT = ~1000€. The way to justify this is to understand that PPM is the ONLY product which offers full portability, 1080p and high lumens. PPM is a luxury toy for the rich.

When the market expands and there will be many many more options, the base price for this type of projectors will probably be something like 780€ (VAT incl).

As the saying goes, never buy the first product of a “new” market if you want a reasonable quality-price ratio. Buy it, if you want to be a rich adventurer riding the first wave of technological progress! :wink:

Ps. Horrible dynamic range and black levels for a 1000€ projector!

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Maybe the Acer C250i could be considered comparable.


What about the Chinese markets, Formovie Dice and Xgimi products lines.

Some of us bought it cheap and some expensive…
What will be the listed price of the product on which taxes will be charged ??

So if we bought it at a lower price taxes will be charged at a higher price ?


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It’s $1369 CAD here

Wow…that’s high