Finally received new PicoPix Max... a few thoughts and questions from a newbie

I finally received the PicoPix Max (I’m based in HK) last Friday. It is a wonderful machine, had a bit of fun with it over the weekend.

Being a newbie and, truthfully, haven’t been following up on the news and updates as often as I should, I would like to ask the following questions to see if those who have been using the PPM has any experience on the following.

  • It seems like when I need to change the input source, I will have to go into the Settings > Input. I have to do this for HDMI (haven’t tried USB input yet). Is there an easier way around that?
  • How do you wirelessly cast Windows and Mac to the PPM? I have a Windows 10 laptop at home, and I tried hitting Windows+K to bring up the wireless display menu, but does not seem like the PPM is listed as an available wireless display? (I have tried both Android and iOS, those seem easy enough.)
  • When I pressed on the cursor button (to activate mouse mode) when in Home screen, it seems like I cannot get the cursor on screen? Is the remote is meant to be a wand-like thing where I can simply wave it around and that should move the cursor? It seems like I’m unable to do that.
  • I was connecting the Nintendo Switch to the PPM using HDMI, and also pairing a set of Bluetooth speakers. Item selection sounds came through the B/T speakers OK when I’m doing selections on the PPM, however, sound only comes from the PPM itself and not the BT speakers when change to HDMI mode with the Switch. Is this normal? (I haven’t yet tried to B/T speakers with installed apps such as (Smart) YouTube, so can’t verify yet, but it sounds like a HDMI + B/T issue?)
  • How do you get the automatic keystone correction to work properly? Does the PPM has to be absolutely level for this to work? I tried to put that on a coffee table, and project that at an angle upwards towards the opposite wall, seems like the auto keystone correction cannot get the edges fully straight?
  • Is there any “perks” that I should be aware of? I know there is a promotion with first time subscribers to ExpressVPN whereby you get effectively 16 months with a 12 months subscription. Is this still the case? Any other perks which I should be aware of?

That’s all the questions I have so far (probably more to come when I start to use the PPM more), and would appreciate any tips and advices! Many thanks in advance.

Glad you like the projector! I’m still waiting for mine, it should arrive very soon.

Most, if not all, of your questions have already been discussed in length on the forum. I would suggest you try searching for key terms. For example, searching for “windows 10 cast” brings up this thread (FAQ: How to Miracast to the PPM from Windows 10) which might be of help to you. The same thing goes for your other questions.

Good luck!

Hi @LazyBug please check this page: Philips Projection Support

for several guides and first-use setup instructions. Most of your questions will be answered there.

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