Flickering and weird Noises (From the Speaker?) when having HDMI Sync Issues

Does someone else is also having screen flickering and sometimes weird noises on his PicoPix Max, when the HDMI-Sync with an attached device is not working properly (In my case a Philips Hue HDMI Sync Box)?

To be honest, the noise is at the moment my “only” concern: with regards to an maybe fire hazard?


(P.S.: I’m already working with the Philips Hue/Signify Beta Team on the Flickering Issue)

Is the noise amplitude affected by adjusting the volume control on the PPM at all? I’m thinking that the flickering may be signal integrity issues, and so can the audio glitches. If it is then the clicking sound be reduced if you turn the volume down (and the clicking should go away as soon as the hdmi sync box get its act together)

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Does this flickering happen when:

  1. You connect the Philips Hue HDMI Sync Box to any other device?
  2. You connect any other device with HDMI Output to the PPM?
  3. Can you change the cable you’re using to connect the Philips Hue HDMI Sync Box to the PPM?
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Good point Werner, indeed it seems to be volume related Thanks

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I’m using a HDMI-over-CAT Extender Setup and the problem only occours, when the Hue HDMI Box is sitting in the middle before of the Transmitter and Receiver. When connecting my Equipment (via AV-R) directly to the PPM, or when I directly connect a FireTV 4K to the PPM, then everything is fine.

But good point, I will test if the problem also occours when using a (Philips) TV instead of the (Philips) PPM.

I tested it with different other cables and also today I’m receiving even more brand new HDMI Cables for testing.

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In addition to my existing HDMI Extender from Digitus (DIGITUS Professional DS-55101 - HDMI Extender - Full HD: Amazon.de: Computer & Zubehör) I will also test another product this evening…

… and also as mentioned other brand new HDMI Cables for the whole chain: Three HDMI Cables for connecting AV-R <-> Philips Hue HDMI Sync Box <-> HDMI-Extender Equipment <-> Philips PicoPix Max)

At least then you don’t have to worry about anything damaging the PPM. The sync box seems to have issues driving the HDMI extender, reducing the signal quality to the point where the PPM loses lock.

I have asked the Philips Hue Beta Team how we can collect more logs from the Hue Sync Box, especially after my newest observation (With by the way a full set of new and other cables, altough with the desired setup it also wasnt working with them):

BUT and this is Important:
I used the Unknown HDMI cable in the same position when it worked initially, even with 4K UHD HDR Discs and FHD Blu-Ray Discs (Recap: While the Hue HDMI Box was in the same Room with the projector, so the AV-R was connected directly to the HDMI-over-CAT Transmitter and the Receiver was connected to the Hue HDMI Box HDMI1). BTW: In this initial setup also the mentioned cables from “PureMounts” and “KabelDirekt” where used locally on the Hue HDMI Box side. But as described in my initial post yesterday, also this before working setup is not working anymore (I have attached two videos IMG_343*_Setup-which-worked-before.MOV of that as well)


I have relocated the Hue HDMI Sync Box (HSB) again back to the (Bed)Room where the Projector is located. So instead of having the HSB connected before the HDMI-Extender Transmitter, it is now behind the HDMI-Extender Receiver:

With that, everything is working again also when using the UHD-BR Player (!)

To sum up what is working and what not:

  1. ALL DEVICES —> AV-R -> HDMI-Extender Setup -> Projector
  2. ALL DEVICES —> AV-R -> HDMI-Extender Setup -> HSB -> Projector
  3. UHD BR Player -> AV-R -> HSB -> HDMI-Extender Setup -> Projector
  4. FireTV 4K --------> AV-R -> HSB -> HDMI-Extender Setup -> Projector
  5. AppleTV ----------> AV-R -> HSB -> HDMI-Extender Setup -> Projector

Do you (or @PrashantFB) maybe see a possibility how we can trace also on the PPM, why there is some EDID (?) HDMI-Sync Problem when using Setup #3?

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Strange that I could edit your post just by clicking the checkboxes.

Thanks for the detailed diagnostics. I can’t spot an obvious issue on PPM side, if you have reason to believe there’s an issue on PPM, let me know. I’ll forward it to the systems team. They’re bogged down with a lot of tasks so I prefer to wait till a few of the top bugs are squashed before adding a complex issue report. I’m following this post though.

(Also PS you tagged my test-user account instead of the official one!)

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Hello @Philips_Support_P,

Thanks I realy appreciate your response and the interesting in my (sure not very wide spreaded and economically not interesting) problem!

Very interesting updates from this weekend:

  1. I made a new test: Removing the AV-R [1] by connecting the Sony UHD-BR Player directly to HSB HDMI-IN 2 and with that it IS working even when the HSB is located before the HDMI-Extender Transmitter!
    UHD BR Player -> HSB --> HDMI-Extender Setup -> Projector
    Does this make any sense for you or @wernerj ? Is the AV-R and HSB together responsible for reducing the Signal Quality?
    After that I reintegrated the AV-R, Changed Output also for testing from Zone 2 to “Zone 1 Monitor 2” Feature to be able to play around with the HDMI Output Options (Output Settings AVR-X4500H) but also no chance to get it working with the AV-R “Tuning”.

    (Just for completeness I will also test if the problem is existing when I use the “Zone 1 Monitor 1” (“HDMI MONITOR 1”) AKA Main Output, which is connected normaly to a Philips Ambilight TV. Just to Rule out a problem with the Zone 2 Feature and the “Zone 1 Monitor 2” Screen Feature)

  2. I moved the Philips projector and the HDMI-Extender Receiver to the room where the other Equipment incl. HSB is located. Reason for this Test: I also wanted to test if minimizing the HDMI-Chain Lenght will change the situation -> No, same situation/problem :-/

  3. MY HIGHLIGHT: Even without the HDMI-Extender Setup it is not working (except at least! a Sony Splash Screen) with the following Combination:
    Sony (UBP-X500) 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Player -> Denon AV-R (X4500H) @ Zone 2 HDMI-OUT -> Philips HSB @ HDMI-IN 4 -> Philips (PicoPix Max) Projector

[1] AVR-X4500H | AVR-X4500H


P.S.: As a last resort I’m thinking about buying another UHD-BR Player, but my main goal for reporting this “Bug-Report” is off course to help you identify a maybe (!) existing HDMI Implementation Bug etc.

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It’s definitely odd. The fact that you see the splash screen makes me wonder if that is a lower resolution /less bit depth resulting in less bandwidth over the HDMI link. The link quality seems to be marginal but only when the AVR is in the signal chain? Not sure if the PPM would be more sensitive to HDMI issues than any of the cheap lcd TVs using the same video processor. Maybe the ESD protection degrades the signal. The routing on the PCB looks to be done with at least some care for impedance and length matching, but can’t be sure.

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Yes and No @wernerj the odd problem is there when the Denon AV-R is used as another “middleware” without some special HDMI-Extender Stuff.

But it is working 100% when the AV-R and Philips Hue Sync Box is used together and the HSB is located on the Receiver Side of an HDMI-Extender.

But it is not working when no HDMI-Extender is used at all or when the Hue Sync Box is connected before the HDMI-Extender Transmitter Unit.

New Day, new Tests

Sony UHD-BR Player HDMI Sync Problem with the Philips PicoPix Max Projector exists even then, when connecting the middleware Philips Hue Sync Box (HSB) directly to the Denon AV-R Main-Zone Ouputs (Instead of Zone 2) (Without any HDMI Cables on the other HDMI-OUT Ports of the AV-R).

-> Only the Denon and then Sony Splash Screen can be seen, after that again only flickering :pensive:

Test 1a) Denon HDMI-Monitor 1 & Sony Player set fix to 1080p
12:03 CEST on Sunday 2020-04-05
IMG_4310.PNG (EDID Signal Details)

Test 1b) Denon HDMI-Monitor 2 & Sony Player set fix to 1080p
12:11 CEST on Sunday 2020-04-05
IMG_4313.PNG & IMG_4316.PNG (EDID Signal Details)

Test 1c) Denon HDMI-Monitor 1 & Sony Player Video Output Resolution of the Sony UHD-BR Player set even down to 576i and with deactived all fancy stuff (HDMI Deep Color, 24p, 4K Scaling etc).
12:57 CEST on Sunday 2020-04-05
IMG_4321.PNG (EDID Signal Details)

Just for reference:
IMG_4320.PNG shows the EDID Details when everything is working ( :100:) with an AppleTV instead of the Sony Player

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That’s seriously weird! I have no immediate ideas why it isn’t cooperating, super odd!

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I have the same Problem (Sony BluRay Player WITH Denon AV-R in the chain) also when using an Epson HomeCinema Pro Projector instead of the Philips Projector.

The Philips Hue Sync Box Team is looking into it maybe (I have opened a Bug Report on the Hue Beta Portal)