FlowMotion technology (MEMC)

Does this projector have FlowMotion technology (MEMC) function?
No setting to turn on / off MEMC is found

Ugh. I hope not. Or if it is there, I hope it’s buried deep in the menus. It might be ok for sports, but it’s one of the worst things to happen to home cinema. Samsung and Philips are adding a “filmmaker mode” to their new TV’s in 2020 which disables all motion smoothing. I’m so glad.

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Right now there doesn’t seem to be any processing like that happening, but native 24p (rather 48p) doesn’t quite seem to be there either. The “good” thing in all this is that the DMD really can only display a maximum of 240 frames per second, and it needs to display four to get the 1080p image, so unless the FPGA does some magic it should process those four sub-frames from the same original frame and not from some interpolated frames.

I’m in the same boat, disabling all the 100+Hz “enhanchements” is at the top of my list when setting up a new display.

The other option could be a 2:3 pull up to 60Hz.

Yeah, annoying judder but better than the old PAL trick playing it back at 25p

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I’m pretty certain this feature was listed in Indiegogo but now I can’t see it anymore.
I even remember them answering questions about like the ability to turn it off.
I would want it just for curiosity because I never had a TV with it. My TV is more than 5 years :sweat_smile:

Yes, that indeed happened, it is even announced in one of the updates, on Oct 3.