Focus button disable in setting to avoid accidental press

Would it make sense and if its possible to to add a setting to disable focus button keypress, since most of the time projector is used in dark environment and many times it happens that a mistaken key press to volume lands on focus trigger and focus need to be readjusted again which takes quite sometime to get a good one. If this setting is available, once we setup the projector focus we can atleast disable it and avoid this accidental trigger as its a pain to get a nice focus point at the moment with single key press.

There’s another suggestion that says the focus button should only automatically focus upon a longer or second key press. If that is implemented then the autofocus routine would bring up the focusing screen but not actually start the autofocus, and then having pressed the button is only a nuisance but doesn’t ruin the current focus.
Disabling it all together seems risky, what if the focus is off and you can’t see the UI well enough to re-enable it?