Focus wheel glue issue/ delivery time/return

Hi philips
Many user have complained of the focus wheel glue coming loose and gap inside which makes it come loose subsequent and rattling inside.
1)Have you found a way to attach it with a screw or is this issue is resolved and won’t occur again?
2) since we can’t open and fix how many days it take for you to replace it in the u.s
when do you pick it up if required ?
You obviously will bear charges.
Do you send a brand new one or refurb?
3) if battery runs out what is the procedure to send to you ?
Can’t you have it done in our local service centers ?
4) is the crazy askew picture issue resolved ?
5) if i order today in the u.s how much time you estimate for delivery ?
I’m waiting and watching for this rattling ,focus wheel ,burning of projector issues to resolve

Pls reply

Hi @macsan0123,

  1. Yes this has been solved by using stronger glue. So far based on defect rate development over time, based on the return form people have filled, we can see a huge decline, only 2-3 defects for units produced after the fix. But we’re closely monitoring.
  2. Normally we send the return form same day, shipping back takes a few days, and replacement is sent out within 48 hr of receipt of the defective unit. So in total less than a week from anywhere in the world. However due to China situation we have not been able to pickup any defective units. From today some offices have started working from home and there’s some progress, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem likely that we can replace the defective units before 15th of Feb. Yes, we bear the charges. Yes we send new one at the moment. Once our refurb stock has enough units we might start sending refurb as well, naturally the warranty will only start from the moment you receive an actual working unit.
  3. The battery is lifetime. We don’t have a battery replacement policy at the moment, and this is not likely to happen within the warranty period. In the rare case that someone’s battery stops performing correctly we’ll handle it on a case-by-case basis. As a rule of thumb, we exchange defective units instead of repairing. The defective units are then salvaged or refurbished depending on its condition. Therefore we don’t have local repair centers. However, once the campaign is over and the projector is available in retail, you should be able to use Philips repair center, if such exists in your region. But this policy isn’t finalized yet since the seller for Indiegogo is us directly.
  4. You need to turn Automatic Keystone off, then put the projector on level ground, and turn it back on. This recalibrate and fixes it.
  5. After 10th of March.
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That was to the point.
Manufacturing defects can’t b replaced with refurbs within warranty.doesnt seem product for new product.kindly follow that.

We follow standard Philips service requirements, which in most cases are more stringent and customer-friendly than local laws require. The warranty always only applies for manufacturing defects in any case. Products are always exchanged against new ones for “DOA” (dead on arrival) which in most regions is 14 days from receipt, but we expanded it to 30 days. Once past the DOA period, items can also be repaired or exchanged with swap stock at our discretion. For our customer’s benefit we chose not to repair at all, so the swap stock is not “refurbished” in the traditional sense. There’s higher chance these units are free from defects since they received more rounds of QC than “new” units.


Last question…I plan to receive item mid to end April…so in order to do that when should I order.
I don’t want it arriving before that…so when do i order.
Also considering so many items will be returned by then hope you won’t stick a returned one on me

If i have to receive the pico by mid to end April when do i need to order

Hey, if all goes well when the workers come back after CNY (ref New shipments after cny) they are aiming to ship all units around 10th March. So fingers crossed but there should be plenty of time for you to get it as well. Don’t think you can specify a date after mid April tho …maybe you’ll have to get it from a retailer in April.


Hi @macsan0123 I think by March the delivery delays will be over so you will probably be able to order in April and get it fast. But let me check because there’s a plan to close Indiegogo orders soon. @PhilipsNono what would you suggest?

Thx…wl wait for ur reply.I just want to order when the pico is trouble free…too much hassle in returning it

Hi @macsan0123.
I understand very well why you want to wait, but be aware that even with these problems corrected there will still remain a non-zero risk of receiving a PPM with a defect. This same level of risk you will have if you buy it afterwards from a retailer.

I’m waiting for most if the issues to b fixed and bcs i can only afford it then.lastly somone else may come out with one without so many prblms


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