Food for thought about dissatisfaction rate

I just came to think about how many people out of all the people who ordered are complaining. It seems a lot, but it is also only the people who are vocal thus appear to be more. So I did a quick research.

Out of the 14000 something people who ordered the projector, about 1500 ended up registering on this forum. Out of the 1500 people who registered here, it looks like approximately 40% wrote 1 or more than 1 reply. The rest did not write anything at all. Out of all these people who wrote a reply or a post on the forum, let’s say hmmmm about 60% are unhappy post. That leaves us 360 people unhappy and being vocal about it… out of the 14000 something.

That’s like only 2.5% of all the people… out of a hundred people who ordered, less than 3 are unhappy enough to get on the forum and complain… mind blown.

Of course this is just a very general estimate for your entertainment before you get the projector


I am very happy with my unit! :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:


Happy with mine too. No regrets backing the PPMax.

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Personally, it’s a mixed bag. Some of the more impressive features don’t work quite as smoothly as I’d hoped (4 corners correction, casting), and the volume of the fan is a bit higher than the previous pico projector I was using.

But when it’s working optimally (like internal content in the smart youtube app), it really shines.

Overall, I’m pleased.


Happy with my unit. I don’t understand what people are talking about with casting though, if it’s casting as in actually wireless mirroring a screen, it has the same delay as my 4K Samsung TV ¯_(ツ)_/¯ not sure what people were expecting

Great device if you know what projectors are actually currently capable of.

Small issues do exist but have been acknowledged and are being worked on.

Biggest problem is that the vast majority of backers haven’t received their ppms yet.

From my experience with crowd funding - most backers forget about their pledge - they suddenly remember and then check indiegogo - them find they have to register… Can’t be bothered - they just read the posts.


Im super happy with my PPM. I can use Kodi, Netflix (works perfect with newest update), Amazon Prime Video, stream sports, and surf the web with the Samsung Internet app. I honestly dont even watch anything on my 55" Samsung 4K tv anymore

Won’t be happy until my PPM being received lol

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Overall 60% happy and 40%unhappy with my PPm
Fortunately I am unhappy with software experience so hopefully those will be overcome with future updates.

1080P experience
USB c support
Battery by pass
BT 5.0

The software is clunky. I did not have as many issues when I received my first portable nebula projector (note that they were launching it for first time and they too launched with aptoide, but their apps were far easy to navigate)
I think Philips could have gotten away without providing touch interface and rather focused on software and building an app to control ppm. (Just my 2 cents because honestly I have barely used the touch interface on PPM and mostly use remote. The touch interface is all the more difficulty to use when using the tripod mount and its sensitivity at best reminds me of my first touch screen LG phone back in 2009)


Nice analysis! I actually find this to be a very big issue with our society, not just this particular campaign. Generally, if people are not satisfied with something, even a little bit, we tend to focus on the problem a lot and even if it’s something small, we make a big deal out of it, instead or practising gratitude and being vocal about it. That is why it’s much more common to see negative comments than positive ones, unless you provoke such discussion as now. :slight_smile:
I haven’t received by PPM yet but I’m sure I’ll be impressed having in mind my old projector (it was 6 years old).


tx for your analysy, is interesting!
btw you can say this for anything, strikes in exemples and to be a (noisy) small part of a big silent majority doesn’n necessary mean you’re wrong…
Any way, as Vassago says It will be more interesting and useful as more people get and try the PPM.
I’m quite confident to receive a very good product and i hope to be active part in this community to help improove it if necessary!

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Just spent 8 hours straight watching my favorite tv drama, burning through the midnight oil with ppm. I do admit the interface GUI need a little time to get used to but hey, it’s much more professionally designed than my previously indiegogo-backed projector: so no complain there. As for the lag some people experienced with the software, I would suggest using a 3rd party mediaTV like Apple TV or fire stick to have the app installed and use the projector as it should be: to project content via HDMI like the good old projectors. Yes, given that it is a mobile projector I do understand why some parties are not happy about it. I use it as my home permanent projector and only 2nd (if necessary) as a portable unit. Anyways, the price and quality of colors, brightness and 1080p is what I expected from this ppm max. I am very well pleased with it


very happy with my unit. Mostly use it in HDMI mode.

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At the moment, using external sources (i.e. firestick) is the better choice but hopefully the internal system will improve over time. But so far , I’m very much satisfied with it :slight_smile:

@yuccaneer, you say you can use Kodi?
Have you used and tested this extensively, with everything playing smoothly without issue?
The reason i ask is that there is a separate thread that has many people saying that playback via Kodi is jittery, or completely crashing, or that the app doesnt work at all and is not supported. This was a key feature for me, as i had hoped to connect Kodi to my home network and play my media from my home NAS. So hearing it doesnt work in the other thread was a huge upset to me (in addtion to the now confirmed lack of auto horizontal keytone on HDMI devices, and HDMI/bluetooth sound issue). So if you are actually extensively using Kodi, i would love to hear more about your experience with it.

Yes. I suggest you all adjust your expectations properly and focus just on its hardware capabilities of resolution, brightness, colors and contrast. Using a proper source through hdmi is more than sufficient. :+1:t2:

Honestly, im a newbie to the Kodi universe and not sure my time with it can help you with your concerns. I did not install Kodi from the Aptoide store, I went to the Kodi website via the internet browser (samsung internet) and downloaded the apk and installed version 18.5 Leia. I have not been using its full scale media capabilities as I do not know how as of yet. I have a simple build called The Crew and been able to stream many movies, tv, shows, and sports. The only issues i’ve had is when I click on magnet or torrent links it gets jittery, but zero issues with streaming links

Overall I purchase this as a projector first for my laptop and for presentations. I wanted something super portable and with a bright enough lumen to be used in somewhat lit rooms. It definitely works well like this. I like the USB-C power input (though disappointed that MacBook Pro 15 adapter is not compatible with it) But I have a GaN 65W micro adapter that works wonderful.

I will say the built-in software is horrible… it is very slow and doesn’t respond quickly to clicks. It seems the hardware specs for the processor and memory are very low which is why it is so slow…

I am extremely happy with my PPM.

There are a few bugs that pop up. Typically the Hulu app that crashes on launch a lot. However, without deeper insight into the app, I can’t be assured that it’s the fault of the PPM.

I also think the software experience could be a bit snappier and more responsive, but as mentioned by others, that would be a result of cheaper lower spec’d processor/hardware and unfortunately that’s not particularly fixable.

My expectations on brightness and sound have been far exceeded and the auto focus technology is phenomenal.

Overall, for what I got it for, I’m happy with this little projector.


Hello @Eman and welcome to the community.

I’m glad you have such a positive experience with the PPM.

I read a lot of similar comments about the software and that it’s not as smooth as it should be for the specs under the hood. I believe Philips will polish this in the future.

We will very much appreciate it if you share a bit more here PicoPix Max Reviews. For example, what is your setup? Are you using a projector or a wall, do you have any comments on the contrast and colour settings, etc.