Forced landscape mode

Some applications (antivirus, I try McAfee, Lookout and I installed Dr.Capsule) are displayed in portrait mode. It’s quite tricky to use! Is it possible to force landscape mode by default or find a solution to use these apps?

Please see this thread. I also linked the one that worked for me :slight_smile:

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Interesting even if this trick seems intended to streaming contents management, but I can’t access to the application from Aptoide…

As I’ve said elsewhere, I managed at the end to use this app, but found it tricky to :

  • Give authorizations, as it gives a panel where you should give these by clicking on a button at the bottom right, but it does nothing. I have to go in advanced settings, to find which authorizations were needed and activate it manually. Not very user friendly :slightly_frowning_face:. But maybe I’ve done something wrong.
  • Activate landscape mode for one app only. I thought I had done it well, but it didn’t worked. Finally, I’ve forced landscape mode for all apps, because finally it’s how it’s shown in the screen :wink:.

But, at the end, I’ve only one thing to say : it does the job :+1:.

The app seems to file to show the prompt for giving the permissions.
It has to be done in the android menu settings :sweat_smile:

Hopefully, they can find out how this is done by the app so that it can be implemented in the firmware and we won’t need such apps anymore


Yes, it would be the best solution.

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I think I have the same issue with two streaming services. See pic:

Is there a workable solution?

This was linked a few posts above yours:

Well yesterday i did the firmware update and now for example ( Ziggo Go app ) is showed on it’s side.
There is no way i can get the screen straight again or flip it back.
There is no option to turn the screen.
When the app starts it’s straight and turns then staright again and finally it turns back on it’s side.

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Same issue. There seems to be a fix for that (did not try it yet):

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Hi all,

The simplest app for forcing landscape mode is the one proposed by @alexh here :
Working Apps List discussion, feeds the Working Apps List

Install it and just set the landscape mode and that’s it.
Maybe one day this feature will be implemented directly in the PPM, but meanwhile this app does perfectly the job :+1:.

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