Forgotten Canadian Orders?

I am concerned that my order was missed. I was the 1,882nd contributor on BackerKit for this project and have not had any update on my order. I am in Canada and am wondering if all the Canadian orders been skipped? I contributed to this project 6 months ago and have received no update for expected shipping on Canadian orders.
Any update would be greatly appreciated.

They aren’t using BackerKit, it is your contribution ID # from Indiegogo, what was your contribution number?

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Thanks for this. My contribution ID is 13XXX.

Is there any information on what contribution ID numbers have shipped?

There were only about 530 orders for Canada as of January 30th, not sure if the list they published was remaining orders or total orders, as some Canadians already received their projector, so hopefully on the next batch that goes to North America ,will include the remaining Canadian backers too! My guess is within the next 3-4 weeks .

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Thanks! Hopefully that is the case.

It’s a shame there isn’t more transparency on this project with regard to shipping.

I’m still waiting for the second Canadian delivery Aswell. Would be great to have right now haha

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In Nova Scotia, still waiting for mine.

Contribution ID


Any update would be greatly appreciated.

@PhilipsNono any chance you could let us know more or less when the next shipping this way would be?



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Has anyone received an update on our Canadian shipments?