Format SD Card with PPM

I inserted an SD card into the PPM but it seams to be mounted read only. Probably because of a wrong format.

Is there any way to format an SD card internally with the PPM?

Thanks, Carsten

Only to use as permanent adoptive storage within the PPM, once formatted it can’t be used on other devices any more, I haven’t found a way to do a regular format yet, so you have to do it on a Mac or pc

Could a wrong format be the reason why it’s not writable?

Probably not, what are you trying to write on it with the PPM?

  • SD Card and USB drives may not be writeable by 3rd party apps

Netflix and Prime write to my SD card formatted to Fat32
Not sure about other apps

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Same for me on Netflix , I don’t have Prime

Other App get an error when they try to write to the SD Card.

Is there any setting or option you need to change in order to get Netflix writing to the SD Card?

The only thing I did was point Netflix and Prime to the SD card which is done in the respective apps setting

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How did you manage to let Netflix write to the SD Card? When I select the option where to save downloads, it only offers me the internal storage. For Amazon Prime I can select the SD Card and it works fine.