Freeze on boot or in use


My picopix is slightly unreliable not proving to be the pick up and go solution. It either will freeze on boot screen or after a little while when in use. Will continue playing audio for 10 secs after freeze/crash then stops - requires hard reboot (long press power before turn off). After multiple reboots it intermittently works. Running latest software version.

Please advise solution or if defective unit?

Hello and welcome to the community!

Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with the projector.

Please check Philip’s troubleshooting guide here Troubleshooting: Picture freezes/stutters during playback and if the problem still persists, you can directly send an email to and explain the situation. They’ll provide a solution or you can request a return (whether defective or refund).


Thanks for the advice, but my projector freezes completely and doesn’t respond to any airmote or touchpad input.

I will factory reset and test stability on the first software version but I suspect my issue maybe hardware related.

Have sent an email to the aforementioned address

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