Frequent Lockups / Frozen video

Anyone else experiencing frequent lockups?

I have trouble with the following apps.

Hulu(desktop app, as the android tv app stutters)

It seems to take a while, it appears like the CPU is locking up doe to heat
as the lockups tend to happen after +90min of constant streaming.

The only resolution is to force power off the unit and power back on.

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Hi @GuardianZX9,

What lets you think it’s locking up due to heat ?
When you grab your unit in your hand, is it hot ?
Mine stay really almost cold.

It appears to be heat related, I use the unit plugged in 90% of the time, it is fully charged and only locks up after +90min of running.

The unit is Warm, but not hot. I will take a direct temp reading tonight.

When it hangs, you power off/on and you go for another 90’ ?
If yes, the heat should not be involved because just off/on doesn’t let the PPM going cold…

Another idea to troubleshoot your issue :
Have you tried to change to Eco mode, to see what appends ?

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It also happens to me, it stays locked with netflix and you have to turn off the projector. The temperature of the projector is not high …

I’ve only experienced a lockup once. When I was trying to open a game and also switched to HDMI while opening. And I don’t think it’s caused by heat. I would assume it’s not most of the time so there might be something wrong with your unit since we don’t encounter your issue. I’ve used my PPM almost 12 hours straight multiple times already.

Mine is doing it after only 5 or 10 minutes.

At what Brightness mode, while doing what, and at what FW level are you on?

It does it on presentation mode. I’ve updated to the latest firmware just when the new one came out a few days ago.
It happens very frequently while watching Netflix. It’s not hooked up to anything. No Bluetooth speaker. Only the remote is paired.

Can you try using it on battery power only on the Energy saver mode, and reporting how long it takes to lock up if at all please?

I’ll try that tomorrow it’s 3 AM here right now.

Best time to use the projector I reckon! :grin:

It seems to be fine on battery power and on energy saver.

Now try to use it in any mode, except for Presentation mode, with or without being plugged into the charger.

If that’s also fine, then you probably have an overheating issue.

Ok, I’ll try that now. And if it’s and overheating issue, what happens then?

I’m projecting I’m an air-conditioned house, obstruction free on a tripod.

Presentation mode gets al 4 LEDs burning instead of just 3. So if it locks up frequently using presentation mode but not in any other mode, then my thoughts go towards some thermal shutdown or something similar.

Test it with the same movie or show each time to rule out any other differences.

It seems to work fine on normal mode so far.

So if it shuts down under normal use on presentation mode what do I do? Is my unit faulty? Do I get a warranty replacement?

I don’t know. @PhilipsEngineering might want you to do some other tests or get some logging from the device first.

How tech-savvy are you?

Medium amount, but I can definitely follow clear directions.

Yeah it freezes after 5 minutes in presentation mode.

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So it freezes, but is it hot to the touch or have really hot air coming out the left side?

Also, when it locks up, do the fans still work, does the unit turn itself off, does it restart?