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Dear PhilipsNano team,

I recently received my “perk” (PicoPix Max -> Form now on PPM). I’m happy :blush:and currently in full test/learning mode to get to know my device. I realize this product development is an Indiegogo campaign, and different more challenging, daring product launch than usual for Philips. Beside this you stand in the current world climate for a HUGH challenge to please your backers.

On that point, is there next to the short manual (included in delivery) an online comprehensive manual with more detail. I especially ask for a online manual, because I would expect this manual to be a working document. Because as instructed (well asked/suggested :sunglasses:) i registered my device on www.philips.com/support to download the “full user manual” (see front page quick manual) Well only a brochure and electronic version of the quick start guide is available! No full manual.

For instance I only seam to get my PPM to start up with the remote. A short touch, longer touch on the on/off ‘button’ does not have an effect. Even grounding myself on wall socket earth connector and repeating the on/off touch has no effect. A manual would tell me if I even use the device as intended… ( just added :face_with_hand_over_mouth: (red face me ) I just found a small on/off on the front of my PPM… so i’m still human :crazy_face::joy:)

It seems that my PPM device, while operating and at the same time being connected with the power adapter (connected to usb-c power port), still is discharged the battery. I get a 15% battery warning after x time operation!

Beside this, I have to test if the three hour battery live is a real reality.

Because this product is kind of on going software development

Is there on the supporting forum (Philips Projection) one place to find a overview with a multi column table, known issues; issue number, solution, priority classification issue, resolved in software version,… data like this would answer a lot of questions. More or less the planning of your (scrum team) software development team.

While getting to know my device i have to search the forum for questions. For instance the paring of the Air-remote. Not updating the Netflix app,… etc. It would be nice to have one have one news topic that include all the steps on what to do and what not to do, and this in one place.

And thanks to @PhilipsNono and specially to @PhilipsIvo, you guys (and girls) get a lot of impatient and dirt thrown your way. People must understand this Indiegogo campaign is not a standard buying online process.

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Please try the button Guides at the top of our Forum Board. You’ll find various articles on how to use your PPM.

  1. When using the PPM plugged in, what color is the power LED?
  2. When the PPM is plugged in but not powered on, what color is the power LED?
  3. If the PPM is left Off but plugged in, does it show a higher (full perhaps) charge level for the battery?

Yes, that would be the Current Bug / Planned Features list

Again, either the Guides or the Knowledge base section of this forum will help.

Thank you for the kind words of support, this is why I do what I do.