Gaming night and PPM :)

Just a quick review from the gaming crowd. I’m not a gamer myself apart from card games and saga on my phone, so I happily invited over some gamers with their console to tell me what they think. After 6 hours of gaming I got a positive review on the PPM from the bunch, Played was Fortnite and a few Car driving games on XBOX. No stutter or flickering and slick response.

Note: I even got a comment the picture was better reacting than on the owners 4KTV where there were issues with fast scenes, and he was blaming XBOX/the game for it.

What can I say I was asked to consider organizing a few play nights in the garden this summer :slight_smile:


Good to hear :smile:
I’m a bit of a gamer but not enough to have a 4KTV (or any TV) just 1080p monitors so most anything will be an upgrade but good to know it’s working well for games.