General info about shipment and manufacturing

Today is the promised date where the factory is reopened along with the new factories that began with their production. We know that the current shipment is as such:

  1. All backers with replacement PPC will be shipped first (70 people)
  2. Then the forgotten backers (ID below 4000) (unknown)
  3. AUS/NZ Backers (740 people)
  4. Others (10k+)

I wish to use this post for NEW shipment updates to attend to issues such as:

  1. The amount of PPC produced (Now that the new factories are opened)
  2. Whenever a shipment is shipped and sent.

Did they actually reopen though? It’s almost the end of the work day and I’ve not seen any updates suggesting they did. Not holding my breath. I assume whenever they return to work proper they’ll let us know. It’s better they not rush back before it’s safe to do so.

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It might be the end of the work day in China, but I assume the Screeneo employees who keep us updated are in Switzerland. Their workday has barely begun :slight_smile: News in my country report that the alert level has been taken down a step in a lot of regions in China, so who knows.

Regardless of whether the factories opens now or later, I at the very least just wish that we get a thorough update on the situation


hello guys, we have updated the banner with new information we just got. Our supplier has reopened and work on software but the factory doesn’t have enough workers. They need to spend 14 in quarantine when they come back from their family to Shenzhen. Everyday new workers will come back this week

Will forgotten backers under 4000 be sent on the 28th then?

as soon as we have ready product yes

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Okay , because I think it was previously mentioned there were 700 packed and ready to be shipped? So these must be ready to be issued to customers with broken units and the forgotten backers?

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Hello, no we explained that they are ready to be packed

contribution ID #3898, but I am not holding my breath, probably the truck delivering mine will burst in fire or something


How many backers have been missed in the 4000 units very stressfull like 100 units broken ok 700to 800 Aus and nz so how many did you miss as there are 700 sitting there ready to go can you please be clear on this because can’t of missed that many surly the 700 ready to go will do it. Some one tag me in there answer so we know what’s going on shouldn’t be that much of a task like a week or two with reading all comments on how long and how many get shipped

You have 700 ready to go so y not a ready projector???

Sorry to bother you, but Does Korea also include in 4000?

Contribution ID11553 , do you think I will get mine in the month of March??

Best regards.

They have 700 that were made (finished) but not yet packed for shipping. When they have enough people back they’ll start making more and packing the items they had previously made so they can ship them out.

The 4000 mentioned were EU backers, some of which were supposed to be included according to their backer ID in the batch that got sent to the EU but were for some reason left out.

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I previously switched the banner off, is there a way to get it back or a link to the post included in it?

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signing out and signing back in worked for me earlier… or try the incognito mode if u just want to see the banner once.

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NOTE: Please scroll down to read the complete announcement!

We know we are late concerning the shipping and many of you are asking about the delivery date.
The latest news from the Chinese Gov is to reopen factories on the 24th due to the Coronavirus OutBreak. Our factories are reopening slowly but they are stil missing some workers as they need to spend 14 days in quarantine. Our engineers already sent us a news software version 1.0.26 in order to test

  • Inspection starts on 28th of February to the 28th of March
  • Totally 10K will be done before the 28th of March.
  • All backers with issues (broken AF…) will have their replacement PicoPix Max shipped first
  • All forgotten backers below 4000
  • Next are our friends from AU/NZ
  • We will ship as usual, 500 by 500 or 1K by 1K.
  • We have already 700 pieces at the factory, ready to be packed and shipped. (can be shipped only when the factory reopens)

Can you explain what “inspection” means in this context? Thank you.

Inspection means QC + inspection to be sure that all goods are well packed and with the goos sticker :slight_smile: