General info about shipment and manufacturing

Some 550 tracking numbers are still not in Backerkit.
PhilipsNoNo referred to them as “missing” but I believe he meant that he hasn’t gotten those from the forwarder or shipper yet. Or perhaps he did but hasn’t managed to upload them yet.

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Can you claim your projector from there? Let me know, I can come do it myself! Haha I’m in Hong Kong too

It would be so much better than no one answering questions from Hong Kong backer!

If @Philips_Support_N @Philips_Support_T if you have problems shipping overseas (like putting your ready stock in warehouse on idle) why don’t you ship those stocks where you can confirm the shipping?

@Philips_Support_N I think I can speak for all Hong Kongers; we can pick up picomax ourselves and you don’t need to ship it if need be.

Isn’t this a perfect solution for us as backers and for you and ur company as well?

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after days , the dal website still report the same, which I think it means it has not yet been collected by the courier…correct?

No yet! Is that covering all the remaining HK orders?

Hello guys, remember that the tracking number can ONLY be tracked when the parcels reach Germany DHL warehouse. Before that, DHL express uses an internal tracking number for the entire container.

In January lots of countries didn’t have lockdown measures and traffic was normal, yet the delivery of the first EU batch took 10 days or so to even change from the “information received” status to “we will be loading your package onto a van for delivery”

So now with the corona lockdowns and delays I don’t expect that to go any faster really. So don’t panic.


Hey! I was sitting quiet, but now Im lost in all this info. Could you give me advice, where I can find my tracking or Backerkit number? I have only Indiegogo contribution Nr - 17627. I’m from Latvia. How far is my number from sending? Thank you.

@Philips_Support_N: good morning. Can you please give an update on:

  1. Replacement unit availability and process after shipping back of defective unit has completed.

  2. Any progress on countries not serviced at the moment by main shipper.

  3. How can backers whose perk got sent back after failed delivery attempt(s) arrange for it to be returned, do they have to start up the process or will you guys contact them automatically to reschedule delivery to a new / proper address?

  4. Any other timelines or plans, as thin as they may be, regarding production, shipping, and the distribution of the units over the different countries?

  5. Anything else you can share that’s of general information to the backers?

If you can copy the questions and paste your replies in between in your post, or somehow phrase the answer so the question is clear, I can quote it so that questions and answers are clear from one post.

Thanks in advance.


What about israel ?

1: After shipping back your defective product, they will land to HK warehouse. From HK: collected to Shenzhen for tech check. In the meantime, we had a new device to be shipped on the next batch.
2: on going: we unlocked HK and Taiwan already.
3: we will take care of it, if it fails twice, we are not shipping back because it costs a lot. We contact the backer
4: Already communicated yesterday. Information didn’t change. We should have 600 pieces on Friday for QC. Then we will receive 1800 light engine on 20th. The production will accelerate as we will receive 300 engines everyday.
5: The plane for EU (1732 pieces) departed on the 12th, landing in Belgium for custom inspection and then go to Germany


To properly understand all these ID’s and numbers, please read this explanation by a fellow forum user: Demystifing Numbers (Indiegogo, Backerkit etc.)

It must be at the German warehouse by now if the flight was on the 11th though? So I assume the parcels are just waiting for customs clearance? Did you manage to check the tracking for the container to see if it got on the flight? Cheers

Why your not answering me ? What is your problem ?

Thank you for answer, but as you saw, I know my contribution number. Im not sitting here every day, just coming here maybe once a month and patienly waiting and understanding all these problems. So be so kind and tell me how far my contribution number is from sending (which numbers are sent last), if you send in numbers sequence.
Thank you

Hello, I’m sorry but we don’t give one to one information about this. If the 15000 are asking everyday it will be a nightmare.

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We are checking this. Seems there is an issue with the ZIP CODE there. We are checking now

Its not about me. Its about 80 or more backers that placed order from israel. And yes you are answering to people everyday, and thats unfair.

some people asked before why we are not using an automatic system for shipping: because 65% of backers made a mistake in the address, zip code, or use PO BOX, sometimes a mistake in the number… So every time we ship, we take time to check EACH address on Google to be sure it exists


It’s understandable. If I’m correct, in the beginning you mentioned somewhere how many products are sent. So people can imagine aprox waiting time. But now I couldn’t find info about sent items count. If info like this is somewhere, please guide me to it. Thanks.