General info about shipment and manufacturing

I can’t believe those people being impatient and pissed when on the other hand, the life of worker is at risk. Get a grip on your life for god sake! those will arrive when possible. @Philips_Support_N should not even answer to those message, this is ridiculous and shameful.


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All the update are given as they are available, what more is needed? Those post of asking more info are sterile at this point. They are just a reflection of some consumer frustration.


Also remain polite, thanks :blush:


Yeah, it’s a panic over nothing, and getting some bloke in Australia a gadget that nobody actually needs is more important than protecting the health of millions of people.


Hey Callan, I understand you are angry, but please keep if civil and don’t point fingers.

The latest updates are in the banner. Let’s see how things unfold end of the week as they say workers are coming gradualy to the factory. Also, you mentioned you backed the project back in July, can you tell me your contribution ID? Mine is 16*** so I’ll be one the last peope to get it I guess :).


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If you can read it’s not about getting it it’s about the whole drawn out process it’s been a right joke really let’s be honest

And what would you have done differently?

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Well John if you have been here since beginning and get promised something and then get told what you was promised and backed now don’t have the soft ware to do what it’s post to do and was out right promised dates tell me it’s not frustrating it’s a start up yes but it’s Phillips who make theses things a lot don’t really comment on much and keep every one in the loop and they say we’ll take a refund It’s not been professional at all really

Who is pointing fingers ???

Very civil let’s be honest it’s not been ok and I’m aloud to express my views too

Telling someone to shut up is not very civil.

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We’re all in the same boat here. We bought a ticket for a front row seat/back stage pass to the Philips Pico Show. But unlike any other show, you can ask for your money back at ANY TIME and they’ll give it to you. You get to see what goes on in the development of a bit of consumer tech and how hard that is to bring that to market. To be honest, I find it fascinating. I didn’t know SO many things beyond their control could go wrong. But that’s ok, I understood that going in to a crowdfunding campaign. The really cool part is, at the end of the process, we’ll get a cute little projector.


more likely in christmas time mate, your suffering just began, I am number 3898 and was suppose to receive it in October and still waiting.

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I’m below you

Yes let’s wait, they are not responsable that the corona virus is still there… I could understand now that there isdelay of the delivery… But I still hope to get it this year… :blush:

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don’t worry as soon as we have any news, we will write it here

With #445 from Switzerland, do I count as a forgotten backer ? Or as a not planned yet ?
Just wondering since it’s not specified “EU only” in the blue post

Unfortunately CH is not in EU, so you are not in the forgotten one :slight_smile:

@Caljb9 is so civil he removes his post, that is very nice, even more as they are barely readable. By trying to read the frustrated answer in your deleted post it seems you don’t understand the principle of a crowdfunding. I’d say one thing, you better read the condition before putting your money in such things…