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Can I download Google Chrome? I can’t find it in the app store.

Also, looks like I downloaded the official version of YouTube but there was a preinstalled “smart YouTube” app. Which one is the right/best one? In any case, I don’t seem to be able to sign into my Google/YouTube account with either of them - any thoughts?



This is just an educated guess, I have not tried it myself: Google Chrome probably needs Google services, which are not available on the PPM, so I don’t think you can make it work. Perhaps Chromium could work (which is the same but without Google services).

The S Youtube app preinstalled on the PPM should allow you to login. I did this (but can’t just now remember how I did it). This is the main reason to use the S Youtube app instead of the regular Youtube app. (The regular Youtube app requires Google services in order to login, which the PPM has not got).

Thanks for the quick reply!

Do you know the rationale for not including Google services? That’s a bummer - so many things won’t work as easily… And so presumably that nice little extract of the Quick Start Guide that comes with the projector is misleading with the big Chrome logo?

When you sign into the S Youtube app, do you stay signed in over time? I did manage to sign in, but when I got back to the app, it was complaining that I was not signed in…

I have Chrome installed and working. Check APKPure or APKMirror for the downloads.

Search for exactly that part of the sentence on the forum and you’ll find the answer.


Yes always signed in, I have never had experienced auto signed out, which method of sign in did you use? there is more than 1

It asked me to go to to use a code.


That’s how I signed in to S YouTube too. Use my phone to go to that link and sign in there. Then it will automatically sign in on S YouTube on PPMax. It stays signed in on S YouTube even after switching off/on.


Sign in problems. I cant see rest of the letters… Help

Update sYoutube first. One of the issues fixed was this.

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