Google Play Games

Does anyone know if it’s possible to install Google Play Games on the projector?

Maybe someone, who has the projector already can just try to do it, but I have an xgimi h1 with Aptoide store, tried to install Google Play Store, which requires Google Play Services but never managed to do so. :frowning:

What are you playing by the way?

Yeah you need Play Services and all that right. I’m looking to play WarRobots as I have a controller and it would be perfect on the big screen!

@Zee Which controller will work for ppmax

Dualshock 4 doesnt work on the PPM yet, right now im using a hybrid gamepad/keyboard/mouse called Uniplay U6 and its the perfect accessory for the projector

I haven’t got the projector yet but right now I’m using a Flydigi Apex controller. I’m hoping it works with the projector

With my XGimi Aurura I managed to install the Google Services… I think I had to root it to be able to do so… not completely sure. But I think this projector did have Google Play even before I installed Google Services. Since its using the Android TV version or whatever its called and has a 4.x something Android version, it does not really support many apps at all. I usually have to download the apks and install them manually.

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Oh ok thanks but that’s like 7K in Indian currency. Too costly.