Google TV dongle with PPM

If the official Google TV dongle is released (if only with a reasonable low price), will this be a good complement to PPM?

With Google TV google, we are able to use google play and more apps are supported.


As long as you are aware of and can live with or find workarounds for these limitations, then sure, why not try it?: INFO: Limitations of features for HDMI and USB-C inputs

The dongle itself has Bluetooth, so if a BT headset can be connected to the Google TV there will be one less limitation. :crossed_fingers:t4:

I have my chromecast connected to my bose, which is then connected to the PPM. Works great!
Even able to use the Nest to tell it what to do (pause, play a certain show etc) AND I integrated that with IFTTT so when someone is at the door (ring doorbell), it pauses whatever I am watching so I can answer the door :slight_smile


Does anyone know the answer, please? Connecting a HDMI Chromecast to Picopix. No audio via bluetooth

This is what I found.

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