Guides section not available anymore. Why?

Hey guys!

In the right side of this forum’s header there are 3 links: News, Guides and Contact.
The news section was not updated anymore since June 2020.
The Guides and Contact links are dead.
How can we access the guides section again?
And if we need to contact Screeneo for issues related to the PPM, how can we do that?

Here’s a link with the guides of all their projectors:

and here a link to the PicoPix Max (PPX620) guides

I haven’t found a link to the contact section yet.


Thank you, @Davy!

Although your answer is really helpful for me, I’m afraid it’s not going to be that effective without someone actually updating the links in the header of the forum.

My question is rather addressed to the admins of the forum.

Yes, you’re right.
Don’t know if it was you, but a few weeks ago I saw someone also mention that the links were dead,
but still they didn’t fix it.