Hardware revision suggestions

I have a few suggestions on the hardware design of the PPM:

– There’s no built-in or removable lens cover?? This is a real problem for this device, because the lens can get dirty or scratched if not stored and handled properly.

– Why in 2020 is the remote using IR rather than Bluetooth?? It’s a pain to have to get behind the projector to use the remote, if you’re sitting next to the projector. At least could an Android app be added that mimics the remote functionality from your phone, over Wifi or Bluetooth? (Chromecast has an app like this.)

– I appreciate the compact size, but why is this projector so heavy? Is that mostly battery and glass weight? Are there any lighter materials that could be used for the next revision?

  1. Agree that a lens cover may be useful.

  2. It is a bluetooth controller. For a lack of instructions package, the bluetooth remote link up is probably the only guide that was provided.

  3. Probably due to battery weight. Doubt the motor mechanism and circuit boards weigh much. Then again, with better technology, hope future hardware revisions would come with a lightweight, high-capacity battery.

  1. No it is not a Bluetooth remote, at least on my unit, it is definitely an IR remote. The remote has a dark clear plastic window at the front edge, and the projector has an IR sensor window at the back left. The control only works if it is pointing at the back of the device. Did I get an earlier prototype than you or something?

The remote is dual technology. Use the IR functionality to navigate to Pair Bluetooth Device in the projector settings, then proceed to put the remote in pairing mode, something like ‘hold volume- and ok for 8 seconds’ there are instructions somewhere. Then it’ll use Bluetooth going forward.


The issue is that when the device is off, the remote can only use IR to turn the projector on.

Then, when the projector is on, Bluetooth command sent from the remote can be used.

My assumption is that despite being an Android device, Phillips decided to not let the device be in deep sleep state to save battery usage.

So even if we have an app to control the device, turning it on or off will have to be done by the physical button on the PPM or IR signal from the remote.

@lukehutch, I am already using it with Bluetooth. Philips has given pairing instructions a couple of times in the Indiegogo updates. You can also check this post for pairing instructions.

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Thanks, somehow I missed those instructions. They were not on the printed quick start guide. I do have the remote working in Bluetooth mode now.

The battery and more importantly the heat sink to cool the optical engine (which itself is sealed and heavy) all contribute to the weight. But PicoPix Max is one of the lightest projectors and probably the lightest 1080p projector on the market.