Has anybody with a defective unit waiting to ship received an answer from Philips?

I have been emailing Phillips (support@screeneo.com) for 4 weeks now, and I havent received any answer from them. Neither any DHL guy has come to my place on any of the 4 dates I’ve proposed for the pick up.

Any luck or info from another of the 159 of us?

I did. On UK. but it took 2 months, and after insisting frequently…

I asked for a refund and already received the pledge. waiting for the VAT.


Hey @persistence!

Thanks for the info. I might change my user name to persistence2, then! LOL


After 2 months I finally got mine collected from UK.
That was early April. It was acknowledged as being received back in China within about 8 days.
I’m now awaiting confirmation of when a replacement will be sent.


As @cjwilber said it is a long wait I paid the PPM in august 2019 and I am still waiting for a working unit…this crowdfound is a nightmare…


Armando, I also paid in August :pensive:. It has been indeed a loooooong wait. I really liked the size and portability. All the other features seem quite cool also. It would be nice to have a proper working unit soon.

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HI: i am asking help here to someone from Philips Projection Team Support
i live in Italy.

On April 4 i have received this email:

*Dear Sir/Me, *

We are now ready to pick up your Philips PicoPix Max but we need a specific date as UPS/DHL/Local pick up companies are asking for it.

Please choose a specific date where you are sure to be at home. (We can’t choose a specific time as each driver as a specific route everyday).

Thank you!

Philips Projection Team | Support


I have answered at least 3 times with different dates but nobody has contacted me and my projector is still here waiting to be picked up for a refund.
can someone get in contact me?

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@Philips_Support_T @Philips_Support_T

@Massimo_Pinelli your ticket is assigned to a group of agents and was last updated yesterday 2pm. The helpdesk is working through a huge backlog of returns… hope you get a solution soon.

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Hi @Libnypacheco you should’ve received a reply at 9:32 am yesterday morning. In case you are missing it, please let me know I will PM it to you.


Hi @Philips_Support_P,

Thanks for answering! I did receive an email. A bit confused though. So you are not able to ship from Asia, that I understand. But does it also mean that the pick up of the defective unit is also put on hold?

Thanks in advanced.

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I only know what I can see in the helpdesk:

with immediate effect, FedEx suspended services from Asia Pacific to rest of the world.

I think it means service between APAC and the rest of the world. For what it’s worth, this response was sent to you by a Manager and not just an agent.



Thanks once more for your quick answer!

This manager is gonna conquer the world for sure. Very vague and not so actionable answer hehe.

I guess I can interpret from his answer that I got nothing else to do except to wait til further notice. I hope my interpretation is right!

Have a nice day, Prashant.

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Customer service are a communication nightmare. Staff on this forum have been wonderful and really helpful, but I’ve come to the point right now where I just don’t trust that I will ever receive a properly functioning unit and have requested for my money back. However: ever since I filed this refund request Screeneo has been silent from their side, only answering with standard-text emails.

Here’s my timeframe:

  • On 20-08-2019 I funded the Picopix Max campaign on Indiegogo (backer # 644). Estimated shipping date back then was end of sept/beginning of oct.
  • Beginning of february 2020 I finally received my unit.
  • The charging of the unit didn’t work properly (it took 3 days to fully charge), so after several e-mails with screeneo and also after several attempts to fix this with the help of the (very helpful) forum staff, I requested for a replacement unit on 07-02-2020.
  • On 07-02-2020 I received the confirmation of my return request.
  • On 13-03-2020 I was requested for my permission to share my contact details with Screeneo’s shipping company in order for my defective unit to be picked-up.
  • On 13-03-2020 I gave my permission.
  • On 19-03-2020 I was again asked for this permission.
  • On 19-03-2020 I again gave my permission.
  • On 01-04-2020 I e-mailed Screeneo again to ask how things were going.
  • In response on 01-04-2020 I was again (third time) asked for permission to share my contact details.
  • On 01-04-2020 I again replied that I was okay with this.
  • On 04-04-2020 I was requested for a pick-up date, with I gave.
  • After I didn’t hear from Screeneo again for a week I finally requested for a refund on 09-04-2020, because I just don’t have any trust in the product and their customer service anymore.
  • After that I heard nothing anymore, so on April 17th I again e-mailed them, requesting them to get back to me, please pick-up the defective unit, and please return my money to me.
  • On April 23rd I received a standard e-mail referring to delays in shipments due to to covid and no further response to my refund request.

I live in the city where Philips was founded. The above-illustrated timeline and horrendous communication is very unlike Philips, very unlike how a Philips-licensed product should be.


The support desk aren’t great. They close tickets that haven’t actually been resolved. They lost a significant number of emails.
They make comments like “Next week” and “High priority” but in reality nothing moves forward.
They on the one hand say that there have been very few broken devices, but then on the other hand say that they are overwhelmed on the help desk. That doesn’t really stack up.

And while I understand that predictions of delivery are difficult, it really shouldn’t be too hard to say:
You’re from the UK
We’re making 500 units a day
We plan to ship weekly
Our planned shipments this week are:
300 to US
700 to Australia
400 to Asia
Our next planned shipment to the UK is for 500 units and currently they’re scheduled for next week.

That would be crystal clear.
And then when they find that, for example, 50% of devices this week fail QA, they can very simply update the schedule, along with an explanation.

People would be informed both of projected date and of reasons for slippage.

The above could very easily be put in a spreadsheet and published with the anticipated delivery by Indiegogo backer range number per country per week.

You would of course need an exception for those of us who have a very early backer ID that is awaiting redelivery.

Maybe 2 columns per country - 1 for new devices and 1 with defect replacements. Or instead, perhaps you could say “If you’ve received acknowledgement that your return has been received, you’re in the next batch for your country. Screeneo can manage that by reducing the number of new deliveries by the number of replacements.
New users see “Country X - 1st May - backerid in range 5350-7500 ”
Returned defective device users see that the next delivery to their country is 1st May (or whatever) and so they’re happy too.

Why is that so hard?


And just to be clear, once the thing is in the delivery channel, people need to chill out. That’s largely outside Screeneo control.
If I know my device has been shipped , I know it will get to me eventually.
I just want to know when I can reasonably expect it to be in that delivery channel and to have a place where I can check without having to ask anyone


same here , returned my unit in mid March, haven’t heard from Philips since then.
When will I get my new unit?


Agreed. And that’s the main issue with this situation. Lots of empty promises and statements blaming a whole lot of other organisations which don’t stand up to scrutiny or fact-checking. When pointed out there is a frenzy of responses but nothing changes.


You’re one of the very early backers! You’ve been fortunate to receive help from the so-called customer service staff on this forum. All I want is just an honest answer and a promise kept. Here’s my timeframe.

23/08/19 - Backer #1913. Estimated shipping October 2019.
31/12/19 - Received faulty unit; sent email and evidence of fault to Screeneo
2/1/20 - Requested for an update
3/1/20 - Email from Screeneo that they are investigating.
6/1/20 - Requested for an update
6/1/20 - Email from Screeneo stating:

“Within a few days we will finalize the procedure and generate a return label for you. Thanks for your patience.”

13/1/20 - Requested for an update
19/1/20 - Requested for an update
19/1/20 - Reply from Screeneo stating:

“We apologize that it’s taking a long time. Our Logistics team is still trying to setup the return process. As soon as it’s operational your return will be handled urgently. Sorry again, and thanks for your patience.”

19/1/20 - Screeneo sends email to move communications to forum stating the following:

“This forum is now the recommended way for our esteemed backers to get both official support from us, and community support from fellow PicoPix Max owners.”

22/1/20 - Email from Screeneo asking to fill in return form on Google
23/1/20 - Filled in Google form for return
29/1/20 - With no responses, posted on screeneo forum requesting for update. Immediate response from one of the supposed “independent” moderators blaming Covid19. No idea how Covid affected pickup in Singapore as impact was still minimal in Singapore
30/1/20 - Response from Screeneo blaming Chinese New Year holidays and virus situation.
9/2/20 - Requested for an update
12/2/20 - Requested for an update
12/2/20 - First exchange on Forum with @Philips_Support_P. He states that due to situation they expect to pick up and send replacement units shortly after 24 February.

25/2/20 - Fedex contacts me for pickup but no airwaybill or pickup information has been provided by Screeneo. Urgent request to Screeneo for advice on what to do.
26/2/20 - Screeneo informs that pickup has been cancelled and rescheduled
28/2/20 - Requested for an update

Response from Screeneo:
“That’s why you were in the first 10 people to be scheduled for pickup….
…In the next 1 or 2 days you will receive the documents and instructions.”

2/3/20 - Requested for update
4/3/20 - Requested for update
5/3/20 - Response from Screeneo:

“Your replacement will be shipped as soon as the defective unit has been picked up. It’s best if you take a photo of all the accessories before you ship it.”
Given a courier pick up with TNT. Account number for pickup not recognised. Screeneo blames TNT. TNT tells me they checked all global accounts. No such account number.

6/3/20 - Requested for an update
7/3/20 - Comment on forum about experience flagged and hidden.
11/3/20 - Response from Screeneo:
“We will provide you a label tomorrow, you just will have to put it on the package and organize a pick-up with Fedex.”
14/3/20 - Pickup done
17/3/20 - Returned unit has been confirmed received in Hong Kong
18/3/20 - Requested for an update
19/3/20 - Response from Screeneo:

“Your PicoPix Max is under quality control on our factory, it will be shipped next week”

25/3/20 - Requested for an update
26/3/20 - Requested for an update
27/3/20 - Response from Screeneo:

“We wish to apologize for the inconvenience caused and are glad to inform you that a new product will be sent to you next week to the below address:”

It is now a month since that email and the excuses continue to pile up on the forum and get repeated by the so-called independents.


Hoping against hope here, but I see another lot of devices were released to shipping yet my Backerkit ID isn’t in the list.
I have had no response since 9th April from Philips / Screeneo service desk about when I might expect my replacement.
When first returning it, I was told as soon as I had sent broken one back, a replacement would be sent, then it was as soon as it had been checked, then it was as soon as possible…
Could you advise when that is likely to be?
12 weeks to process returns is pretty poor